321 Studios Complaint - Software doesn't work, unable to get refund

Review by wmcmullin on 2004-06-05
KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- 321 Studio's DVD X Copy Express does not work. It will pretend like it is copying the files, but then when it's done, the disk is still at 0MB. The disk is unusable after that and must be recycled or thrown away.

If it does work, it only burns 3/4 of the files.

I asked for a refund, but they wouldn't do it. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, but the company told them "no refund." The BBB told me it would go on their permanent record. Read the BBB's warning on 321 Studios: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/33492.html.

In response to the three comments left for me:
1. It is only illegal to burn encrypted DVDs for the purpose of distributing them. I passed a law course or two. I want back-up copies of all my DVDs for my bedroom and livingroom, so they don't keep getting lost. The software claims it can override the encryption. The new version I understand cannot do this, but my version was supposed to.
2. No, the BBB said no such thing. I worked at a computer software store for a year and a half in college. I understand this law very well. However, for sake of good customer service, the manufacturer usually takes back defective software. However, 321 Studios does not.
3. The problem is clearly the software. Read other reviews for this product online. Plus, I bought a new laptop since then...same problems on that computer too.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2005-06-28
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-06-06:
Theres a 90% chance youre trying to burn whats called an encrypted movie. Movies are copywright protected, hence, its "illegal" to burn them. You could of easily retrieved this info by going to company's website.
Posted by sunshine on 2004-06-07:
Software/music/movies are all copyrighted, and once they are opened they cannot be returned for cash, because then the store would be violating federal law. They can however, exchange it for the exact same item. That is why you were unable to return the software. If you contacted the BBB like you claim, they would have told you the same thing.
Posted by ladymacb29 on 2004-06-08:
Even if you're not trying to copy protected material, sounds like it's a problem with your computer, not the software.
Posted by Magnumbytes on 2005-03-19:
321 was a good growing business until the Democrat and Republican US politicians put them out of business with laws protecting the RIAA and other Hollywood industry "MOB" groups.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-28:
I had the same problem with the software. The updated version is trash, it basically defeats the purpose of the program, so stick with the old version. Mine would do that and never write to the DVD, I figured out that if I just made a data DVD and burned the temp files that Xcopy made then it would work.

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