Prince Frederick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Complaint - Warranty work ripoff

Review by 2kjeep-2004neon on 2009-07-28
PRINCE FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- Prince Frederick Dodge/Chrystler. Jeep is a very dishonest dealership service center! I brought my 2004 Dodge Neon in with transmittion problems on a couple occations just after 64k miles. They say they could not find a problem. 1000 miles after the warranty ended the transmission stop working. Got it towed into their shop and they said it will be $3,200.00 to fix it. I explaind that I have been complaining about the transmission for about 8000 miles and they said sorry and would only give a 90 day warranty on that work. I towed it to AAMCO and they looked into it and said that there was so much damage that it had to be completely rebuilt. It was most definitely long term damage. To top things off my 2000 Jeep Cherokee I bought from them used, with a high priced extended warranty, started having AC problems about 2 years before the warranty ran out. It was in their service department for weeks at a time during 2 summers...when fall came AC was no longer needed...They said they replaced many parts and I would pick it up only to have it blow hot air again and again! The last time they worked on it, just prior to the warranty mileage approaching. Of corse, in the fall, I picked it up, and got about 1/4 mile away and it was not cold. I took it back, left it for a week, picked it up again and there was a green fliud on the passenger front floor. I ask what it was and the Service Manager said a tech must have spilled something. Needless to say again I hopped in turned it on and HOT AIR!!! I came back the following day and picked it up and it was working and now the outside temp had fallen below 70 and I didn't need the AC. Come springs first hot day the AC didn't work and the warranty was expired. I took it to another service center and they said the leak was in the inside of the car and the whole dash would have to be completely removed to replace it at a cost of over $1,700.00. The dealership couldn't find the leak because they didn't want to pay a tech for a few days work. DONT EVER BUY DODGE OR JEEP! Especially from Prince Frederick Chrystler Jeep Dodge!!!!!!!! Steve Broomes Island, Maryland
U. S.A.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-07-28:
I love my Jeep. I don't think it's the product as much as it is the dealership's maintenance dept.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-28:
The dealership is obligated to pay for the repairs since the problems started during the warranty period and they neglected to perform the contracted work when you brought it in for service. Obviously since there was major damage, the dealer had to have known about it before the warranty expired. No doubt about it.

Thus, you still have have an option for recourse in the matter. I suggest that you get notarized statements from the mechanics at AAMCO and sue the dealership for the repair cost in small claims court.

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