Austin Auto Exchange/First Chaparral Finance Complaint - Car buyer BEWARE this place will steal your car and damage it...

Review by laniekgore on 2009-07-30
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- DO NOT buy or finance a car from AUSTIN AUTO EXCHANGE/FIRST CHAPARRAL FINANCE located in Austin, TX. They repossessed my car (was 2 weeks late)after I already made arrangements with them, the day after they took my car they received the money order in the mail...hmmmm! Then charged me 400.00 REPO fee and damaged my car in the process I asked them to come look at the damage and they would not even get off their ass to look had me write on notebook paper (they call this a claim form)stating the damage. My husband went outside and took pictures to show them because they were to busy eating their lunch to come out and look at the damage. I called the owner today and she states it is not her problem she never saw any damage and will not fix it, and hung up on me. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Austin Auto Exchange - Car Damage
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-31:
I suggest that you file a small claims suit against the company. If you made payment arrangements, and they repossessed the car anyway, they are responsible for the repo fee and for the damage that occurred while it was in their care. It may be in your best interest to refinance the car with another company first.
Posted by goduke on 2009-07-31:
Let me take a stab at it....the money order arrived a day or two after the date it was supposed to be at the dealership. Because it wasn't there on the day agreed upon, the car was repo'd.

Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-31:
The details aren't there, but I am being led to believe that the car was repo'd before the payment date outlined in the arrangement.
Posted by rocksteady on 2010-02-18:
I'm sorry about the problem you are having. I just purchased my vehicle from Griffin Motors, another company owned by the same owner of Austin Auto Exchange. I've had problems since the beginning! Dwight (manager at Griffin) told us HE HIMSELF inspects their cars from top to bottom, inside-out to make sure when they are driven off the lot they are good! Well, we drove off with it after we bought it and took it to our mechanic & found out the car had NO brakes whatsoever on the back tires. Now I have 3 small children so it's a danger for me to driving without, obviously a danger anyway. I had to go myself to buy new brakes and had my mechanic install them. I called Griffin Motors and fought with the tooth & nail finally to have them agree to replace all brakes & rotors & drums. Which they did free of charge and they told me they would look for anything else that needed to be repaired because "all their cars are inspected thoroughly". Well, the problems came when their main office, Austin Auto Exchange, took my car so their mechanics could get it fixed. Long story short, all they did change out was the brakes, my car had SEVERAL (not just 2-3) issues that were there before I even got the car. It's been 3 weeks since I bought it and I've only really driven it for a good week because of all the issues. Yesterday I went to pick up my car after speaking with Marilyn from AAE and she assured both my husband and I that our car would finally be ready by 6pm. She said for me to be there at 5:30pm so I could take my car bv 6pm. I live out in Kyle so for me to go all the way down to almost North Austin is quite a drive. I went in and was greeted VERY rudely by Marilyn after I told her I was there to pick up my car. Her response? "And you are??" I gave my name as the owner of the vehicle - duh! Her reply, "Well I told you it wasn't ready and wasn't going to be ready until 6pm." So I said, "Ok, well can I wait? Or should I come back tomorrow?" Marilyn said, "no you can wait, like i said it'll be ready at 6pm." SO she assured not once, not twice but THREE times that our car would be ready at 6pm this day (the first was when my husband called to check on it). So I went ahead and told my ride to leave since Marilyn assured me it would be ready. 5:50pm rolls around and Marilyn tells me, "oh the car isn't ready, and it won't be until tomorrow." This obviously made me upset but I did not lose my cool. I asked her why did she then tell me that it would be ready at 6pm? My ride had left so I had no way home. She gave me an attitude and said, "I told you it MAY have been ready by 6. I told your husband that too!" SO my husband heard all this as I was on the phone with him. Apparently, Marilyn was just trying to cover up a mistake she had just made. Marilyn then said, "well we were waiting on a part and THOUGHT it would be ready at 6, thats why I told him that." SO I told her how I was going to get home since I had no car and my ride had left. She said, "I don't know, call a taxi, we don't give rides." I asked for them to just keep the damn car and give me my money back. Her response? "We don't give refunds!!" Finally one of the mechanics was nice enough to give me a ride home which was surprising. Marilyn didn't care or bothered to apologize at all. She just sat there on her fat butt with her cheap purse & nasty nails getting ready to leave for the day while I was stranded there. This is NO way a customer should be treated. I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I am not upset about the fact that my car wasn't ready, I understand that and was fine since I know these things can take time and I want my car to be drivable AND safe. The thing that upset me was Marilyn's attitude and demeanor. I don't know who she thinks she is sitting her fat butt behind that tiny desk in that ghetto office but I KNOW my rights as a consumer and have filed complaints against larger companies than this and the customer is always right no matter what! But in this case, I know I am right because people shouldn't be treated this way. Especially if I'm a good paying customer. I don't normally enjoy or take pleasure in one losing their job or getting complained against but in this case, I hope she gets fired because I'm not letting this end with the BBB once their done reviewing the case. TRUST ME these people don't care and are only there to make a buck which is fine, everyone needs to make money someway. I'm in a high position where I understand that mentality but I also treat my employees & customers with respect they deserve no matter what.

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