Wallmart Informative - Damage to my automobile and Wallmart's Attitude

Review by zookeeper on 2004-06-10
ELBERTA, ALABAMA -- Attention Wallmart Shoppers!

As Wallmart knows, I took me 1992 Jeep Cherokee into the Foley, Alabama store for a routine oil change a while back. The auto was functioning perfectly when I drove in. Within five minutes of leaving I was stranded with a broken radiator hose which resulted in almost $700.00 worth of damage.

I phoned the Wallmart service center and the lies and corporate responsibility dodge started right away.

They first connected me to the mechanic that said that he had done the work. He stated that the car was fine when he finished. I then asked for the service manager who immediately changed the story. He stated that he was aware that the hose was broken and had tried to page me in the store to tell me. Ok..Guys......which of you are lying?

I immediately realized that I was in a situation in which it would be virtually impossible to prove that Walmart had broken the part. It is theorically possible that the part failed just as I left Wallmart (if you want to believe mechanic story #1), or it could have failed just prior to arriving (if you like story #2, the service manager's version).

Ok...When I spoke to the service manager he told me that he was aware that the hose was broken and that he tried to page me and that I did not respond. I then asked him that since, under the circumstances, that he might have considered putting a note on the service ticket making me aware of the situation instead of willfully allowing me to drive the car away, knowing that the car was certain to overheat and probably damage the engine.

His response to this was that Wallmart didn't put notes on service tickets. To which I responded that since a note on the service ticket was a violation of Wallmart Corporate Policy, could he not have had a little heart and wrote a note on the dust on the windshield, called my cellphone number, anything to stop me from ruining my car! No Deal!

Next step....Wallmart store manager, Foley, Alabama. He had me put all this in writing along with copies of my repair bills (almost $700.00) which I paid Wallmart Copy Center to copy for me. He seemed rather encouraging that Wallmart would accept responsibility. This of course went nowhere....

Next step.....regional service manager....Same Bull as from the store's service manager, just a bit more articulate. After a five minute conversation of allocades of how Wallmart was striving to improve communications with customers, and ...get this!!!!agreeing that to allow me to leave without knowing about the hose was unfathonable behavior, he told me that they would not accept responsibility. At least he has some concept of human decency but unfortunately has subordinated it to Corporate Responsibity. Sad!

On up the chain of command.....Next attepmt was Wallmart legal department in Arkansas. I didn't expect them to do anything but I wanted an easy way to find out how Walmart is incorporated in my state to be able to sue them if I so decide. Response?????sort of Good Luck Buddy.....Try the State Attorney General office. Thank You Very Much Mr. Attorney.... be careful and don't trip over the little tassles on your loafers.

Another attempt......Since the mechanic, the store's service manager and the regional service manager had lied to me and stated that they each were the final authority, the last resort short of a law suit..I realised, duh, so I called the store manager back and asked him who was in fact the final authority, decision making mogul for Wallmart and he finally told me of a claims process, which turns out to be their insurance company, ClaimsManagement, Inc.

Claims Management.......Dead end street. The issue with them was, of course, strickly legal. Their attitude was that since I could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Wallmart broke the hose, then I was out of luck.
Just for fun, I asked the lady who called how she would feel if Express Oil Change had done that to her little hard earned Kia or whatever she drives on Wallmart pay, had done this to her. Bless her young heart.....she told me in her most offical twenty-something year old voice that since she was in the insurance business she would see if differently than most people and not be upset if she couldn't prove it in court. She pretended to not understand the concept of a mechanic treating a customer with repsect for any reason other that a legal one. Poor Girl! Good Luck to you.

Ok...Mr. Wallmart! You have successfully made another enemy! You have proved yourself to be nothing more than another greedy, slimey, money grubbing corporate blight on the face of America. You deserve your ultimate fate, bankruptcy as you alienate your working class customers one at a time.
Are you literate enough to have read John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath"? If not you could watch the movie with Henry Fonda. Just may consider me Tom Joad.....Wherever a working man has been taken advantage of by Wallmart, I'll be there. Whenever a dissenting voice may be raised against your obscene corporate policys, I'll be there. Whenever I encounter anyone considering doing business with you, I'll be there with my story. I intend to cost you far more than my $700.oo through shouting the sorid truth about you at every possible opportunity so long as I shall live or that you are in business.

Thank YOU

Danny Pierce
Ex-Walmart Customer turned consumer advocate.

PS Anyone out there with a similar Wallmart problem may contact me at Perdidodan@yahoo.com or by mail at 8140 MObile Ave, Elberta, Alabama 36530
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Posted by bill on 2004-06-10:
Walmart should have never let youm leave thier shop with a broken radiator hose. They should have told you about the problem before they handed your keys back to you. That is just bad service by Walmart. But I don't think they are responsible for $700.00 worth of damage. A radiator hose does not cost $700.00. Sounds like you are trying to milk Walmart for more than you deserve.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2004-06-10:
Broken radiator hose????? Hmmmm...was there any evidence of coolant on the ground before you left...any coolant on your driveway at home?
Posted by ChowderHead on 2004-06-11:
I understand you would be frustrated, however, your letter is very sarcastic. I don't think that is going to get anyone's attention & will probably make them feel like they want to disregard your letter.
Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-06-11:
I believe the radiator hose is one issue that you probably could have been reimbursed for. Driving until you cracked the head, or whatever zinged it to $700, is on you. I resolved a dispute recently with there shoddy work at an auto center. I highly recommend not using Walmart Auto Centers!! They absolutely need some sort of training program before they turn folks loose on customers cars. I also suggest that you spell their name correctly before taking jabs at their literacy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-11:
As familiar as I am with this engine setup I have to say that I believe there is no reasonable way Wal Mart damaged your radiator hose when they performed the oil change. As a driver it is your responsibility to monitor your guages and lights (what did you need another light to come on to say "PULL OVER, TURN OFF ENGINE, NOW!!"). Your sarcasm got you real far didn't it. I bet you will even blame Wal Mart if your tires go bad. With that type of attitude it would be foolish for Wal Mart, even as a goodwill gesture (of which they have no obligation) to put one red cent your way. You paid for a basic service, you got a basic service. Did you ask the shop to look the vehicle over for potential problems??? No. Did you pay the shop took look your vehicle over for potential problems??? No. If you had you would have an argument here but instead you refuse to take responsibility.
Posted by racerchic83 on 2004-08-11:
first off Walmart is not going to care because you misspelled their name about 50 times.

Second--stop trying to blame people who are not at fault.
Posted by eperry2 on 2006-08-07:
Wal Mart should not be allowed to install tires or change oil. My coworker left WM after 3 years as a manager because they never stood by their work and encouraged him to "always deny a claim because of how the bonuses worked". He said they had alot of engine damage and tires/wheels falling off cars while drive claim. WalMart hires young unexperienced help and that's cheap - you get what you pay for cheap = cheap, quality costs - get a professional mechanic to fix your car.....
Posted by blownchevelle503 on 2010-01-31:
Walmart TLE (Tire, Lube, Express) employees are instructed not to inspect your vehicle, it is not their job. if they do notice a problem, it is considered your problem.

if you see a person with one foot hobbling down the street, are you supposed to walk up to them and say "hey, you only have one foot"? that's the way walmart looks at the situation. it would be nice if they would make you aware of problems with your vehicle, but you are there for a hand full of reasons, and i'm pretty sure they don't offer radiator hose repair, therefore, NOT THEIR PROBLEM.

as others have stated.. you didn't pay attention to your idiot lights, or gauges. obviously you fall into the idiot category, you didn't have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic before hand, you didn't take pictures before hand, so you have absolutely no proof that walmart damaged your vehicle.

now if walmart drove your jeep into their computer, or other inanimate object, you would have proof, and a reason to get money... that actually happened in dallas, OR. the "mechanic" didn't even get fired.

walmart has their own insurance company, their own lawyers, and more money than God. $700 is chicken feed to them, but they don't make money by spending it, so you're S.O.L.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-31:
One, get your personal info off here.
Two, the responsible thing for wm to do would be to inform a person if a problem is found.
Three, your car not theirs, unless the mechanic punctured you hose and you have proof, it's your fault.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-31:
Why are we commenting on a six year old review?? (myself included, lol)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-31:
Interesting, I did not notice that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-31:
They're only called idiot lights if the idiot who notices it come on, ignores it :D

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