Remax Real Estate, Columbia, SC Complaint - Incompetent agent, I got screwed

Review by screwedbyremax on 2009-08-09
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Remax agent at Bush River Rd. office sold me a houwe that had polybutylene plumbing pipe. This was revealed on disclosure. I did not know what polybutylene pipe was or that there was any problem with it. Agent knew, but did not inform me of all the problems with polybutylene pipe leaking. I could have negotiated for a reduced price on the house because of this plumbing, but lost that opportunity because agent did not warn me or suggest I do so. Ultimately I had to replace all the polybutylene pipe in my house at substantial expense to me. Class action lawsuit of no value unless you have "Qualifing" leaks. Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Real Estate Commission all bounced my complaint around one to the other, each saying it was the others responsibility to handle, so no one did and nothing got done. Eventually they all said I had waited too long so nothing they could do. Agent Jane McWhite's incompetence and apathy cost me a huge headache and a considerable amount of money. I paid agent to represent my best interest. She failed completely.
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Posted by moneybags on 2009-08-09:
Was your agent actually a "Buyer's Agent" working for and being paid by you? Or was she a "Transaction Broker" - only assisting you in the purchase. There is a difference. Did you have a home inspection? Do you have a home warranty? If inspected and not discovered as defective or leaking by inspector, you can contact and file against the inspector. He will turn over to his insurance company. Did you specifically ask your agent about the polybut? If not, he's not responsible as it was disclosed. You can contact a real estate attorney.

All polybut is not problematic. If it has brass or aluminum fittings, it will develope leaks. If fittings are copper or it was hooked up with "heat and seal", it should be ok. You may have a bigger problem with your plumber!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
moneybags brings up a good point. A lot of people assume that when they contact an agent, the agent works for them. Unless the buyer is paying the agent, that agent actually works for the seller. Your agent likely had 0 incentive to do anything to harm the chance of a sale. Problems with PB Pipe have been known for at least 10 years. Sorry you got stuck, but some research would have warned to be on the lookout for this issue.
Posted by sammyjk1 on 2009-09-02:
I am sorry things did not work out so well for you. I am a real estate agent in Ohio and agents have to be careful about giving opinions about things that are outside their realm of knowledge. It could also go the other way and they could spout off about something that theh don't know anything about and you might not buy the house you really wanted because of that comment and there was nothing wrong. Just a thought.
Posted by sammyjk1 on 2010-03-04:
Did you do your do diligence and have the house inspected?

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