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Review by tbutcher on 2009-08-11
SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- My fiance and I met with [Catering By Joseph] March 2007 to cater our October 2009 wedding. Our venue requires an approved caterer be locked down before a date will be held. We wanted to get as much done, as early as possible b/c wedding vendors fill up so quickly in our area.

When we met with [Catering By Joseph], we decided to use him for our event. He mentioned that if we paid in cash, we would not have to pay taxes on the total costs. We would also not have to rent glasses, dishes, etc.

We gave him a deposit and watched him write our date in his book. He signed and dated a receipt w/ our date and names on it, this acting as our contract for his services. He told us no further contact was necessary until we decided we wanted to do a tasting and plan our menu.

Flash forward to June 2009, 4 months away from our wedding, I receive a call from our reception venue. The woman I spoke with told me that I had [Catering By Joseph] as my caterer on my contract, but he told them he WAS NOT our caterer. I was incredibly confused. I called my fiance, who then called [Catering By Joseph] to clear up the confusion.

[Catering By Joseph] then told my fiance, bc he hadn’t heard from us in a while he figured we weren’t using him anymore. Joseph decided to BOOK A TRIP TO EUROPE the week of our wedding! Joseph claims he had this trip book for over a year, but never ONCE tried to call us. I know we were in his date book. I WATCHED him write us in. He was very unapologetic and tried to blame my fiance for his lack of communication.

We called our wedding coordinator and she spoke with him. He gave her the same unapologetic attitude, also. He emailed us later that day and is trying to get away with giving us LESS THAN HALF of the deposit we gave him to hold our date. We have a receipt and a contract saying exactly how much he requires to hold a date and exactly how much we gave him.

[Catering By Joseph], owner of Catering by Joseph, is EXTREMELY unprofessional. [Catering By Joseph] is cocky and dishonest. He knew very well that he was booked for our wedding, but decided his trip to Europe was more important than being a reliable, trustworthy business owner.

He has put my fiance and I into an unbelievable bind 4 months before our wedding. Our reception venue has mentioned removing him as an approved caterer and I hope they follow through.

PLEASE think twice before using [Catering By Joseph], owner of Catering by Joseph, for your events!
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Posted by goduke on 2009-08-11:
Turn him in to the IRS. By doing the "you don't have to pay tax if you give me cash" (i.e., under the reception table, he's obviously not reporting income. You can cause him a lot of grief.
Posted by lisa on 2009-08-11:
Talk about payback-I like what goduke said! I hope that you can find somone!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-11:
Tacky Joseph, just tacky!
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-08-11:
I can appreciate you wanting to book things in advance but I, along with godduke, wonder about tax coming into the picture. That sounds fishy upfront to me and I personally wonder if you checked with your reception venue to determine beforehand if Joseph was approved or not before you booked. If so, I missed that. I've heard war stories about individuals who well in advance booked a photographer or an individual for the wedding cake only to discover at the last moment they were overbooked and couldn't deliver. I'm not attempting to put additional stress on you as to what might happen but if Joseph generally handles his business this way, thanks for the heads up.

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