Primerica Complaint - Don't buy into the Hype!

Review by no-bozos on 2009-08-12
The bottom line is that Primerica is a recruiting scheme, nothing more.

They are known to recruit anyone as long as you have a pulse and $99 to pay for their "start up kit".

Being a former vendor, I have attended these "Amway Type" events where unrealistic expectations are made about how much people can make.

No question there are some that do well but they are definitely in the minority and just like this author mentions, there are those who are in this business who quite frankly shouldn't be.

One Primerica representative admitted to me that he failed his securities license test FIVE TIMES before finally passing on the sixth attempt!

I too would be very nervous trusting my financial well being to someone, regardless if they were friend or family, who is likely less educated about financial matters than myself!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-12:
Did you fall for it?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-12:
Good advice.
Posted by no-bozos on 2009-08-12:
justthefaxx, no I did not but as I stated in the post I had witnessed these recruiting events where unrealistic goals were preached repeatedly to those that quite frankly should not have even been there. They prey on the middle to lower classes who are not well versed in financial matters and they are recruited to pitch these high priced products to friends and family members who they feel will buy into it. The kicker is that they those that recruit are the ones that stand to make the most. Classic Multi-Level-Marketing scheme!
Posted by Daze on 2010-07-29:
They actually hooked me up and got me more coverage on my life insurance. I started out with 10,000 for me and 10,000 for my child with Met Life for $104 a month. My friend got me $500,000 for me and $25,000 for my child that turns to $150 when he is 25 for the same $104 a month plus we did an IRA & college fund. She wants to me join and I just might. She is probably one of those you mentioned that actually makes it, so at least its worth checking it out especially since she will be my trainer.
Posted by Tall Shopper on 2010-10-17:
I was approached by a Primerica rep. that invited me to a "sucker seminar" trying to recruit people to sell their products. They even planted shills in the audience to pump the audience. After I did further research and checked "Primerica Scam" on search engines I wanted nothing to do with the company. I also did a comparison on both their insurance and loans. They were rated as nearly the worst if not the worst everywhere I checked. They have lousy sales tactics and lousy products period.
I ran into the Primerica rep. that had tried to recruit me about a tear later. He told me that Primerica had not worked out for him and he had returned to his prior occupation as a janitor!

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