Zimbrick of Madison Wisconsin Complaint - Ask me why, not to buy from Zimbrick!

Review by BodyCop on 2009-08-12
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Would you buy a vehicle from a company you could not trust?

Before I purchased my vehicle, I asked several employees, had this vehicle been in an accident?

I was assured that the vehicle I was about to purchase had never been in an accident.

I was told the vehicle was in excellent condition and certified as in like new condition.

I bought a certified vehicle and was told it was in like new condition, never in an accident, paid top dollar for the vehicle; and only by a fluke; talked with the previous leaser, then found out the vehicle was in multiple; including at least one serious; accidents, repaired, and for all intents and purposes, the entire vehicle was repainted. And once alerted I found, painted rather poorly.

I was told that Zimbrick did not know the vehicle had been damaged.

A certified vehicle checked over top to bottom by Zimbrick. I know, you know, Zimbrick knew!

Zimbrick employees told me, the vehicle is now my problem, as I purchased the vehicle.


Zimbrick certified my vehicle as like new. I based my decision to buy on the Kelly Blue Book price, as purchased from a retailer, for the exact vehicle I purchased, as Zimbrick, a company I trusted, represented it to me, and stated to me to be in flawless condition. I later found out by reading Kelly Blue Book that my vehicle, as purchased, is not in excellent condition, in fact it is not in good condition, it is at best, by Kelly Blue Book standards, in fair condition.

If a friend told you that Zimbrick sold them a vehicle that had thousands of dollars in repairs and your friend stated that after the purchase he or she found out that Zimbrick sold them the vehicle without disclosing the damage and repairs, and because of that failure to disclose, the vehicle was worth thousands of dollars less than the purchased price; would you be able to trust Zimbrick employees as they tell you that the vehicle you are about to purchase has no problems, has never been in an accident or been repaired?

Now ask yourself:

Would you pay top-dollar for a vehicle that you know has been in a serious accident?

Do you have money to waste, money to throw away?

What if you did not know the vehicle was extensively damaged; because it had been repaired?

Would it matter?

Are you sure that your vehicle is not salvaged, has not had flood damage or dropped off the shipping truck, then repaired and is now awaiting a purchase agreement to be signed by you?

Knowing this, do you think it is possible that Zimbrick employees will not tell you the truth?

Do you care?
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-12:
If you can prove any of this you may be able to pursue a small claims case.
Posted by moneybags on 2009-08-13:
CARFAX helps. Should have used it.
Posted by BodyCop on 2009-10-16:
“On August 12, 2009, I posted a complaint pertaining to my purchase of an automobile from Zimbrick BMW on May 20, 2009. On October 14, 2009 Zimbrick BMW resolved this complaint, thus settling this dispute.”
Posted by Yleer on 2013-06-19:
I tried to by a car from them, but their own lies and truth spinning (yes, they did both) forced me to ask more questions ....and get more lies. I don't trust Zimbrick either.

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