Telemarketers Informative - Harassing Phone Calls

Review by Principissa on 2009-08-14
I've been receiving calls (13 in the last half hour) from this company claiming to be with government grants. The number is 213-430-4297. This is not a legitimate company. They have called claiming to need my credit card number to send me a package for a product I never ordered. They have called up asking me to provide them with information that I never requested for a government grant.

If you receive any phone calls from this company please report them to the FCC immediately, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF THE INFORMATION THEY ARE ASKING FOR!

According to my research online they are already being investigated in two states for theft by deception. Again, this is not a legitimate company, please do not give them information.
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Posted by bcd on 2009-08-14:
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-14:
Thanks for the information!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-14:
We are on the Do Not Call List and keep getting calls from telemarketers. I haven't had this call yet, but I keep getting calls claiming I owe on my mortgage. We RENT our house.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-08-14:
I'm on the do not call list. Both of our cell phones as well as our house line and fax line. Like I said, they are I assume just cold calling individuals and trying to I believe scam them out of information. I've filed a complaint with the FCC regarding the calls and I suggest anyone else getting calls from this number do the same. You can also dial 611 on your cell phone (I have T-Mobile) and they will block the number free of charge for the first 5 numbers you want blocked. It lasts for 60 days and you will have to renew it.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-14:
lilyaya, too funy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-14:
There are hundreds of complaints online about that number. Whomever it is also calls cellphones.

One way to fight such calls is to download the 'disconnected number' tones used by the phone companies. The tone are easy enough to find online. Re-record your answering system message and place the tones first. Wait 2 seconds and then speak your "I'm out" message. Any auto-dialer will record your line as disconnected. Just make sure you tell everyone you know that you have done this. Works like a charm.

Posted by Principissa on 2009-08-14:
I looked up the number and found those complaints! Same M.O. as my calls and they are calling my cell phone. I have no clue how that got the number. The only people who have that number are the kids schools, my parents, husband, and my friend children's school because I am the emergency contact (and of course their mother).
Posted by V on 2009-08-14:
Lilyaya, Please forgive my asking. If you rent your house and are getting calls stating that the mortgage is behind, have you checked with your landlord(s) that the mortgage is current?

This situation happend to a friend of mine :( They kept getting calls that their mortgage was behind. They were paying the rent to the landlord ontime every month. They didn't know that the landlord had stoped paying the mortgage until some people showed up with eviction notices :(

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