Mobil 1 Hickory Hills, IL Complaint - Can I just for once get just an oil change!

Review by leswes on 2009-08-15
HICKORY HILLS, ILLINOIS -- I was sitting in the waiting room with another customer for my car to be serviced. Her attendant came and told her she needed an air filter that would cost $35.00. Her car was newer than mine so I thought that's why it costs so much. After the attendant left, I made a comment that they probably have an extra dirty air filter that they show you saying that is yours. Next thing I knew my attendant came into the room and asked me to come out to my car so he could show me my air filter. When I asked him how much mine would cost he said $35.00. He then told me some of my back lights were out. I just went in for a $25 oil change and with all they wanted me to get the cost had risen to $100. I ended up paying $70 for the filter and change and I skipped the lights. About an hour after I left...My left blinker stopped working. I think I would rather go to the dealer for service rather than these so called 10 minute oil change places...THEY REALLY TRY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!!
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Posted by Skye on 2009-08-15:
You are an adult. Nobody can take advantage of you, unless you allow them.

Posted by Pepper on 2009-08-15:
1) check your back lights. the attendant might not be lying to you.
it's better to check and get them fixed ... instead of putting it off for a cop to nab you for

2) usually your filter does need to be replaced at least once a year, though it might depend on how dirty the air is where you drive.

3) you don't HAVE to get either service.
though i do recommend the lights... like i said, it's cheaper to fix them now than to have a cop write you a ticket

cos then you have to pay a fine AND pay to get them fixed
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-15:
I'd make sure they didn't pull your bulbs out a tad, to make them go out, since your blinker went out so quickly after leaving their shop.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-08-16:
That's where they make their money. Upselling the other stuff. That's why the oil change is cheap.
That being said, I've got one place I go for oil changes, another for tires, and another for engine work. They all know that and don't bother me about the other stuff.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-08-17:
Havingh been both a mechanic AND a police officer I can tell you a couple of things. 1. For them to pull having a dirty filter they say is yours, they would ahve to keep one of every brand and type of filter o the market, hardly what any place has storage room for. 2. Tail light bulbs cannot be made not to burn by 'pulling them out a little.' The either lcok in by what is called a bayonet typew plug, which has two teeth that lock into slots in the fixture. 3. While I cannot speak for every officer in the United States, I have never known one to write a citation for tail, brake, running, or license plate or back up light not working. I have, myself, and seen other officers write 'fix-it' tickets, which gives the person ten days or so to repair anything wrong with a vehicle. Most mechanics and police officers are not out to soak the driver, and those who are do not last long. Also, if an engine cannot suck air, it will suck gas. They are trying to save you money at the pump.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-08-17:
heh nothing like pointing out how absurd and unrealistic a "they're out to get you" theory really is


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