The San Jose Improv Complaint - What a Joke San Jose Improv!!

Review by Chente on 2009-08-17
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Let me start by saying that the restrooms had no soap in their dispensers for guests or employees. There are codes by the health department that require employees to wash their hands when they use the restroom, it's just gross and unsanitary that they can't.

I had gone to every single soap dispenser to wash my hands and it took all four dispensers to barely get enough soap out for me to wash my hands. After leaving the restrooms I went and advised a member of the host staff that the restrooms had no soap, he went back and forth with me on the fact that one was broken and that I hadn't tried all dispensers....I did try all dispensers and there was no soap. What disgusted me the most is that there's a sign just at the door as people leave that says ALL EMPLOYEES MUST WASH THEIR HANDS. Well if there's no soap, how are employees supposed to wash their hands? That's just disgusting!! One of my guests went to the restroom after eating such a tasteless meal that we were forced to buy and still no soap. It's a good thing that I carry sanitizing hand wipes.

Also, I didn't see an elevator or a chair lift in your establishment since the restrooms were upstairs. The establishment is not ADA code compliant. I had a handicapped person in my party and my guest never went to the restroom because she wouldn't have been able to climb the stairs.

I'm very upset that they have a two item minimum and give crap as food. I don't care about the two item minimum, I understand that they need to make money since their tickets are so but at least make it interesting with non-alcoholic beverages and better food. What upsets me is that the cost for the food that they provide vs the quality of the food, its so poor I don't think my dog would eat it. It's beyond upsetting. One of my guests at my table ordered a bleu cheese burger and that was to have bacon on it. The bacon was literally like someone took bacon bits and sprinkled them on the burger. I had ordered some hot wings and looked as though the chicken that had given up his wings was smaller than a game fingers were larger than the drumettes. The cost was 20 bucks for these two items too!! Ridiculous!!!

The show was Great, comics kept us laughing so good job there, but I couldn't help but notice but the Host of the show, Shawn Dizzle exclaimed that half the folks in the place got in for free. That's awesome, but maybe he wouldn't have to give away free tickets if the place was up to par.

I will not be returning and probably from now on only go to Tommy T's that has good food at decent prices or even to the comedy clubs in the city. I will also recommend to anyone looking for a comedy show to not go to The San Jose IMPROV but yet another comedy club or establishment.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-17:
No soap in the dispensers? Sounds like my type of dive

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