Customers who refuse to leave store after closing Complaint - Rude, self-entitled customers

Review by Anonymous on 2004-06-25
To those customers who enter a store three minutes prior to closing:

Since I have been accused of being excessively verbose, and since most of you will fail to understand vocabulary beyond that of a six year old, please allow me to get straight to the point.

It is RUDE, SELF CENTERED and OFFENSIVE to the extreme when you saunter into a store at closing and subsequently want to have in-depth discussions with staff (some of whom have worked 12 hours that day)about HDTV or, worse yet, proceed to the Customer Service desk to scream about something you could have screamed about earlier if only you had planned your day better. To listen to customers' excuses as to why the posted store hours of operation do not apply to them, one would simply be amazed at how many:

1. just got out of the hospital after being at death's door for three months
2. work seven days a week for 12 hours each day and 9:08pm is the only time s/he can come in to shop for a new wireless carrier
3. just came back from burying their beloved _________ (fill in the blank)
4. don't give a d*mn and derive great pleasure from seeing underpaid, overworked retail professionals work even harder and later because, as we know, "the customer is always right"

Many stores feel that to make a closing announcement is boorish. Refusing to leave a store after closing is more so. Not so ironically, the manager who made that rule in our store not only lacks true mannners but intelligence as well. He of all persons should know that most people think only of themselves and care nothing about those who try hard to assist them as long as they have achieved their objective.

Since most customers have neither a brain or a clue, and would gladly stay until 10:30 pm or later in a store which closes at 9:00 pm, please allow me to state what I wish I could tell all you self-important little @*#!@!!!!!:

"It's 9:00. You need to get the @**# OUT OF THE STORE!!!!"

Thank you for your consideration,
Angry Anya
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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-06-25:
Preach, Anya! I've been there many times. I've had people slide underneath a closing gate (yes, one in motion going DOWN) when I worked at a mall years ago. My time in retail has made me much more considerate of those behind the counter.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-06-25:
I agree and I couldn't have said it better myself!! Thanks for the giggles! That was great; well-put!!
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-06-25:
It's not just retail either, I've had people walk in at 5:57 when we close at 6 and want to start up an insurance policy. Some people are so inconsiderate and rude that they're just not worth the time. Don't get me wrong, I've walked into a store a few minutes before closing (we probably all have if we'd just admit it), but I go straight to what I came for and leave. Good luck Anya, maybe people will start to see the light!
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-06-25:
Ha Ha I love it! I could fill up many pages on the antics of a "dear" customer!
Posted by Laura on 2004-06-25:
Anya, I agree with you that it is rude for customers to come in at closing time and expect to be waited on. However, with your attitude toward customers, I wish I knew the name and location of your place of employment. I would make sure that I never shopped there at ANY time.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-25:
Laura, one's words on this forum do not necessarily reflect their actions in real life. Anya is obviously venting. She's entitled. To assume she is rude in RL is a leap I am not prepared to make.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-25:
Beetleruss, your comment does not even deserve addressing.
Posted by Alison on 2004-06-26:
YEAH! You tell them! Those customers suck so much! Like I want to spend extra time pretending to care about what they want. Get the f*** out of here you ignorant ass! I don't give a s*** what you want! I've spent all day pretending to care about what you want and now that it's closing time I don't have to pretend anymore. Get the f*** out! I'm going home!
Posted by anonymous2 on 2004-06-26:
That situation applies to almost every profession. It's worse in the food industry, though, I think. People will walk in 2 minutes to closing and you'd have to make a pizza that takes 10 min to cook. Or at a call center where we are absolutely *NOT* allowed to hang up with a customer who fells like chatting all night. Everyone will probably have a similar story to tell.
Posted by ladywine on 2004-06-27:
Anya, you've said it quite well. I'm a battle-scarred retail veteran (grocery retail) and long ago have lost count of how many folks I've seen come in a few minutes before closing and proceed to purchase large buggies of groceries. There are hours posted for a reason, as well as for folks to plan when they can come in. I can see a quick trip in for a loaf of bread, or some milk (as examples) needed for the next morning, but I myself cannot see how (if a store is open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. for example) somebody can even think of getting their weekly/biweekly/monthly groceries a few minutes before closing. Yes people work, but lack of planning on their part does NOT create an emergency on our part.
Posted by Shaye on 2004-06-27:
I have worked in soooooo many industries and there are always customers/ clients. I used to go to this website called customers$uck.com (had to put a $ instead of an S cuz the word is restricted) not sure if its still around, but it was great, some of the stories. A few that have happened to both me and my S.O.

The other night, my S.O. works at his buddies pizza shop, and they are closing, everything is cleaned off, keys in hand, open sign is off. This woman comes in, doesn't ask, but demands, I'm going to have a Large Ham sub with this this this and this, and I'll wait outside for it, you can give it to me there. Of course they didn't help her. NOw if she would have been nicer she may have gotten her sub. I cannot get over how people think the meaner to you they are, the more they will get accomplished.

What's funny too, is that his buddy bought this pizza shop a few years back from the original owner who retired to Vegas. Almost 4 yrs later he will still get people who will insist on a discount because they are great buddies with the owner. NOw if they are great buddies, wouldn't they know he moved out of state a long time ago?
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-27:
YES! Preach it, anya! I can't tell you how annoying I used to find it back in my retail hell days (as I call them) when at the end of the night, there was some slow-a$$ customer taking his or her sweet time down one of the isles. I felt like telling them 'Let's go! Just because you have no life doesn't mean that I don't!'
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-06-27:
Laura, I'm sure she'll cry all night over that one.

Beetleruss, shut up! I hate people like you who think that the customer is always right.
Posted by Lady Mage on 2004-06-28:
Anya, two words: You. Rock.

The customer is NOT always right, nor should they annoy the employees. If they're in a store after hours, either take an inventory risk and lock them in - or chase them out. With a broom if needed.
Posted by Greenday4537 on 2004-07-28:
LauraW and beetleruss, it's obvious neither of you have ever worked retail. Amen. I hate those people who come in right before we lock the door and want a bunch of prescriptions filled.
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-10-08:
AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by ExShopGirl on 2004-12-31:
I agree! When I'm in a store I leave plenty of time to browse and make sure I'm out of the store before closing. Urgh some customers are so rude.

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