Town & Country Jeep Chrysler, Levittown, NY Complaint - Buyer Beware! This place will certainly try every trick in the book

Review by carbuyer on 2009-08-24
LEVITTOWN, NEW YORK -- If you're looking for bait and switch, take a drive down the road to Jones Beach. The treatment we received from the dealership was nothing short of indecent. We came in with a pre-approved loan. They told us they could do better. Yeah -- our preapproved rate was 7.7%, they were offering 11.7%. It gets better. My husband came with me on a Saturday to look at the car I was interested in and initiate the paperwork. We couldn't finish on Saturday, but our oh-so-friendly (at first) salesman
Gary - who turned into a cold duck when next I saw him on Monday, persuaded me to come alone on Monday rather than wait to Friday when my husband could make it to finalize the deal. When on Monday before leaving my home for a 1.5 hour drive, I inquired of Gary how the financing process was going on their end, he said it was within "pennies" of what my preapproved rate was, so c'mon down! It gets better still. They wanted to charge me $500 to process my license plate (e. g., remove plates from my trade-in and put it onto my new "preowned" car. "The registration's good for four years," claimed Gary, which in fact is illegal because, in fact NJ only allows four-year registrations only on brand new cars; all else is for one year. And there's still more - since I had to apply alone b/c hubby wasn't there - although more than willing to come in on Friday - they needed an extra $1,000 downpayment from me. After much "discussion" they decided that they'd waive the extra deposit in return for an extra bank fee of $199. At that point I asked for my keys back and left. I'm curious thuough what they would have done with the trade-in offer they made me on Saturday, since on Monday they asked the same appraiser to give it the once over again. I'm quite sure the trade-in offer would have dropped. Don't believe their prices. They're dinosaur-variety used car salesmen that I thought went out with the flood. I drove three hours round-trip two times for this car, but I didn't mind leaving empty handed. I did, however, wash my hands thoroughly in the Starbucks down the street before heading home to wipe off the sleaze. They were the worst car dealers I ever dealt with in my entire life. They give Jeep Chrysler a bad name. I guess I should have known something was up when they did everything to deter me from bringing my own bank check (at lower interest rate) and from bringing my husband along. Thought they had the dumb little woman on the line. Too bad Chrysler didn't close them down.
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Posted by Toni I. on 2009-08-25:
I find it reprehensible that Chrysler, a company which was given billions of dollars in bailouts by the American taxpayer, is "biting the hand that feeds it"?

They should be kissing the rear ends of the people who are even considering buying their crappy product!
Posted by goduke on 2009-08-25:
Sounds like pretty normal sales tactics to me. The car dealer is not your friend. If they convince you they are, you've fallen for the oldest trick in the book. You tell them "this is how much I'm paying" -- a total amount, not a monthly payment -- based upon the research you've already done on the value of a particular car. If they say they can make it happen, you've got a deal. If they can't you walk away.
Posted by tomy on 2010-01-26:
gary was rude.disrespectful.

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