Mastro Subaru Suzuki Sanford Complaint - Forget About the Subaru Forester!

Review by dr. jim on 2009-08-29
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- Beware Mastro Subaru!

My base Forester is noisy, has cheap interior, flimsy fits and trims and gets lousy gas mileage. I am getting rid of it and getting a new VW Golf wagon.

Here is my story at Mastro Subaru: My white “cash for clunker” 2002 dodge van sat in the Mastro Subaru Sanford clunker lot for days after being driven there by the brother of the general manager who is a sales manager. The paper work for the clunker was in their possession for weeks (since 8/5/09) and Mastro and I signed a formal purchase order contract for a new Subaru on 8/23/09 with the general manager’s knowledge and phone approval (he lives in tampa). I was assured on 8/23 that the dealership would accept $3500 trade equity on the dodge with or without the CARS program rebate. so, I was assured it was a “done deal” if I could raise the cash for the new Subaru. I raised the cash in full and was given the keys to the new Subaru and drove it home. I had it for almost 2 days. I was called to return to get the papers necessary for a new title, pay a small remaining balance with my American express card and get some new car service check-ups, car wash, detail and some nitrogen in the tires. in an absolute shock out of a "stephen king nightmare", while I was waiting for my detail to be completed, I was confronted by “joe anglada” who apparently is a finance manager at Mastro and who shoved a document in my face and said the dodge doesn't qualify for “clunkers” because the dates were insufficient. I tried to explain that I had provided those dates for weeks and was told “don't worry, everything will be OK”. I told anglada that I was told by the general manager it didn't matter and that the deal would be done with or without the clunker program rebate but anglada said “no” that wouldn't happen. he proceeded to blame me for the whole misunderstanding and even accused me of risking the life of the sales manager that drove the car from st. pete! (that salesman/manager who signed the contract for the dealership was suspended BTW by the owners of mastro for 2 months - I rest my case)

the keys to either vehicle have not, were not returned to me for days. the new Subaru remained on the lot for days, the clunker in another lot and the original title of the dodge clunker at the dealership. now the clunker has a flat tire and the dealership refused to return the van back to st. pete and threatened to tow it!. the management or the owners pete and steve mastro refused to answer my emails or return my calls. the clunker remained for days behind a fence in the clunker lot until finally returned after law suits threatened. remember, THEY drove it there not me after assuring me and congratulating me on my new Subaru contract then reneged and left me stranded! this demonstrates how good a signed contract is with Mastro Subaru. it means nothing! this demonstrates that when the Mastro management says “we got a deal with you one way or another” this means nothing at Mastro.

this is a eyewitness example and expose' of this Subaru - Suzuki dealer for dishonesty and deceptive practices in orlando and central Florida in the mode and style of former “bill heard chevrolet” etc. Mastro will end up the same as that disgraced enterprise..bankrupt just as their unethical sales practices are. I will find a way to get justice for the dodge clunker fiasco after Mastro drove it to Orlando after “guaranteeing” me I was going to drive away a new 2008 subaru.

Beware Mastro Subaru Suzuki!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-29:
If you signed any papers indicating your vehicle was to be part of the CASH program AND you have proof that they used the vehicle after papers were sign, you ought to contact the CASH program and let them know. There are a few dealers about to be charged with doing what you described.
Posted by dr. jim on 2009-08-29:
i have and will take all necessary action to protect the public from this abuse. thanks
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-31:
This post justifies my thought that most car salemen and dealerships are shady. Granted not all... but most! I'm glad you came here to tell us about your experience.

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