Customers who think the rules apply to everyone ... Complaint - Please take some personal responsibility

Review by Anonymous on 2004-06-30
...but themselves.

I refer, in particular, to customers wishing to return items well past the stated return policy of any given store.

While most persons respect return policies, and many retailers are happy to bend the rules when possible for respectful, honest consumers, there are those who try to return items not only days past the cut-off date, but weeks and even months...and I've seen more than a few items come back after two years!

Of course, each customer arrives with some sad saga, usually involving a deceased relative, an extended hospital stay, a sick child, recent relocation, or a broken or stolen car. I have to be honest: I hope the tragedies which are unfolding in the lives of consumers in SE Pennsylvania are not indicative of a national trend. There are some of the UN-luckiest people in the world living here, from what I observe at the store at which I work.

The only other conclusion I can reach is:

SCAM!!!! In other words, laziness and lack of personal responsibility.

Quite frankly, the performances I have personally witnessed at the customer service desk are Oscar-worthy. Yet during the dramatic re-enactment of the alleged traumatic event which kept the customer from returning an item in a timely manner, the customers (already nervous because they know they are scamming) almost always contradict themselves in one or more ways, leading me to the sad but inevitable conclusion that, once again, I have extended my gracious sympathy to the wrong person.

Listen up:

Yes. The return policy does apply to YOU. And please don't claim ignorance, stating "I don't read receipts", or "No one told me". The onus is on YOU to read the receipt. Please do not scream at me because you failed in YOUR responsibility.

I myself am MORE than happy to help those who have made an honest mistake, but please. Your inability to play by the rules should not have to equal abuse heaped on me by you. Believe it or not, I don't enjoy being yelled out for something which was not my fault, bizarre though that might sound.

Finally: I don't make the rules. I just get paid little more than slave wages to enforce them.
Please don't shoot the messenger.

Angry Anya
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Posted by jdh2317 on 2004-06-30:
I work in the grocery business and there are honest people, but then there are those who try and get money back on products they have no receipt for or not even the package.They will say ive been shopping here for years even tho you know you've never seen them in the store.It was bad so i thru it awae.Which with the honest looking ones thats fine but the scammers it means i ate it and i just wanted some more for free or it made my child sick or the rest of my family.Come on folks if it's bad take one bite call the store and tell them your on your way with it and you either want your money back or the food replaced and i'll say here you go sorry.
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-06-30:
Anya, again I agree with you totally. However, when you have managers and district managers and regional managers who come up to the register when the customer DEMANDS to see your 'superior' (opposite of 'inferior', which is the term applied to us - though unspoken, of course...) and that higher-up gives in to the customer, it sends a clear message that if you throw a tantrum, you can get what you want...no matter what the policy says. It's the foolish ones that cause companies like Target to enforce strict return policies making it harder for everyone else.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-06-30:
Bravo Anya..............it is about time somebody told it like it is, but in a tactful manner, I have had people return 2 year old obviously worn shoes, and the worst part is, is when you get their adress they live in the same town as the mall. Sheer laziness!
Posted by use2becust.svc.rep on 2004-07-08:
Preach to the choir sister! It sucks to be lied to, yelled out and made to feel like you are the bad person for doing your job. People grow up! Read your warranties and beleive them! Sorry you are not any more special than anybody else. Rules are rules, who am I to judge your circumstances above any others and thats why everyone has to go by the rules. Tell me your sad story if it makes you feel better but if you return something a day later than is provided you just don't need to lie. It doesn't make any difference. That is why kids today are whiny give me's, their parents taught them to lie to get anything they can.

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