Canyon Inn Flagstaff - Arizona Complaint - Canyon Inn Nightmare to work for!

Review by Former Patel Employee on 2009-08-30
FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- We worked for Angelina Investments, who own the Canyon Inn Motel in Flagstaff, Az.

During that time, we witnessed the owner who is an Indian woman from India and her husband, lie to customers, rip them off and overcharge them. Not only this, they didn't seem to understand there are laws to protect people against this type of behavior and lying to the credit card company is a federal offense.

People would make reservations and then cancel within the time frame and still be charged on there credit card. The owner would write in that the person never called in and would get the money. They did not care about refunds, making guests comfortable or charging reasonable prices. They only cared about one thing and that was getting the money out of your wallet into their hand.

During this time, we were also subjected to verbal and mental abuse by them, in particular the Indian woman - who I WISH WE COULD NAME - anyway, she would scream and yell at us over the phone if we didn't get enough money for the rooms although they were very substandard. She would yell at us if something broke down or if there weren't enough rooms rented.

Her son called us up one time and said, everyone else in town was sold out - what was our problem and we have to think it's the managers - HER SON IS 21 AND WE'RE IN OUR 40s! How outrageous!

Also, we have 13 years experience in construction and this family doesn't not squat about a remodel. The woman is extremely undisciplined and a demanding brat! We did a remodel on one of the rooms after she brought us this crazy curtain to work with. She loved it - it took a week to make it an upscale European style room with beautiful linens and clean lines.

She gets the wild hair that all of a sudden she's a construction supervisor and demands the rooms be done IN ONE DAY! YES YOU HEARD ME - ONE DAY!

So she brings in these two Mexican guys who are really nice and can't speak a lick of English to paint the rooms. She figures if they paint then it will be done in one day.

Ok but did she forget the prep work? And what about the trim and the problems you encounter when taking apart a room so you can remodel it? And the trim has to be painted at least twice to make it right. Ok and what about the patches?

So she starts screaming at us because they are being sloppy and the paint she got was cheap - really cheap - wouldn't dry right and also had to put three coats on compared to the brand we got and painted one coat. Ok so then she demands the trim be painted now and the room unblocked so we can rent it that night. WOW - OK WAIT A MINUTE - What about drying time? What about touch up? What about the rewiring of the electrical because some moron did it wrong?

Oh and she wanted the furniture repainted too - not refinished - just repainted - NO TIME FOR SANDING - FORGET THAT - just slap it on and varnish it NOW! Ok but hey - wait, the rooms not painted yet and we don't have storage and we can't keep checking in customers and answering the phones and talking to you on the phone to get the other rooms clean and answering customer's questions and painting the room, and doing the laundry and on and on and on.

And did I mention we couldn't start on the rooms until 10 am and the guys left at 4pm?


And here's the kicker - she wants MINIMUM $69.96 - 99.95 per room on the weekends because Angelina Investments believes if you are nice to people (because they aren't) they will pay big bucks for crappy rooms.

Oh yes, you heard it here folks - High dollar for crappy rooms and by the way -

The breakfast there is only Belgian Waffles which you make yourself and toast now, because they are too cheap to actually give you breakfast after you spend that kind of money although her budget is $3 per guest, it's now $.50 per guest.

And another thing, they leave the pancake mix in the cabinet where mice get at it and gnaw little holes in the packages and they still serve it.

Seems like a whole lot of issues to me. Rip-offs, code violations, human rights violations and health violations - seems gross.

And PS - they don't change the bedspreads between people either. That means you're getting a bedspread where someone's naked butt was sitting there they day before


Have a great time at the Canyon Inn should you choose to stay there.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-30:
Wow - all these horrible things going on, including federal crimes (according to you) - and you just let it all happen while you were there. That's swell of you.

It's not so bad when you're getting paid, is it? Now that you're a "former employee," it's just not tolerable and they are suddenly the worst people ever. Thank you for being so gracious as to finally stepping up. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Since when did this site become a former-employee-gripe-festival-site?
Posted by Skye on 2009-08-30:
Mexicans, Indians from India, what's next?? Polish people from Poland....

This is definately a former employee, or heck, maybe one of the Mexicans,,,,,
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-30:
Incas and Mayas, Skye.
And a horse in a Trojan. That will be me though.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-08-30:
Were you fired?
Posted by Former Patel Employee on 2009-09-01:
Nope we weren't fired and we only worked there for a short time until we found out all this stuff and then we quit. Also, MundoCani - we did talk to the cops and we are turning them in for everything. Apparently you just like contributing to crap if you're getting paid, but not us. We quit and are turning them in - so YOU'RE WRONG nad to Skye and C20 are you just idiots? Oh, yeah you are.

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