NTB Complaint - NTB's negligence & lack of integrity

Review by NTBBigVictim on 2009-09-06
SHAWNEE, KANSAS -- My fuel pump went out a couple of months ago, had it towed to NTB. These so called "professionals" could not figure it out! After a week of changing & replacing many things under the hood, they thought it was "Timing Chain"! But eventually they ended up replacing the fuel pump which got the car running again, that cost me an arm & a leg! They said they practically had to "unscrew every screw" to see what's wrong with the car.

When I went in to receive my car, they handed me a broken piece of seat belt & said "by the way, somehow we broker your seat belt, but don't know what happened"!

About 10 days later, the engine died. I had it towed in to NTB. They told me there was not even a single drop of oil in the engine! They also told me they could not figure out why, since there was no sign of oil leakage. This 8-year old car had never any problems with leaking oil.

As it turned out, they had drained the engine oil while investigating it, and forgot to fill it back in again. That's what caused the engine to go out.
Please think twice before taking your car to this NTB for any service! This is a new location & apparently they can not find any qualified mechanics for hire. I got burned big time due to NTB’s negligence, don’t let yourself be another victim of these charlatans!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-06:
There had to be some oil in it if you were able to drive it for ten days. Otherwise it would have died almost immediately after they returned to you. Not to mention all the dashboard idiot lights flashing in your face.

If you don't check it regularly, always check your engine oil level after having a car serviced. It takes all of two minutes tops and saves you a lot of grief.

What are they planning on doing to rectify the engine issue, if anything?

Depending on what was broken on the seat belt you may be able to get it replaced under the car warranty. I think that most manufacturer's warrant them for something like 10 years, depending upon the malfunction.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-09-06:
whne ever i have my vehicle serviced, i always verify the levels when i get home. as well as look for leaks on the ground.

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