Western Motor Coach, lynnwood, WA Complaint - Western Motor Coach, Lynnwood, WA = horrible service

Review by jt_in_DC on 2009-09-07
LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- We rented an RV for a quick weekend in early August. Purchased all services, insurance, extra mileage, housekeeping kits, bedding, etc. Confirmed availability prior to arrival...

and then upon our arrival, the RV wasn't ready, but would be very soon. Then it wasn't even available, then we were moved to another, smaller RV. Meaning, our 8 person group would be spending their weekend in a 6 person RV. However, that was until they 'found' an available RV that was ready... 4 hours later. No walk through, waited for the staff to find kitchen kits and go to the local store to buy housekeeping kits, fill the tanks (which they didn't do)... total joke.

Long story short, we encountered some damage on the RV, but not to worry because I had purchased insurance and put down a deposit. Wrong! After calling and asking about what was owed to whom, I find an additional unauthorized $1200 billed to my credit card! That was almost as much as the entire rental.

Needless to say, Western Motor Coach is the Busch League of RV rental and customer service. I would strongly recommend you find another rental outfit unless this is your last option.

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Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-07:
Wow! That turned out to be one expensive vacation. Have you spoken to Western Motor Coach? I'd dispute the charges with my credit card company for sure. Good Luck.
Posted by jt_in_DC on 2009-09-07:
Saw the charges on the holiday weekend, will attempt to speak with them this week... and yes to disputing charges.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-07:
Hope all goes well! Please come back and let us know how it went.
Posted by bogus78 on 2011-11-15:
His comments are spot on - we experienced different versions of the same tactics. Here is my review:

Stay away! I cannot urge you strongly enough to find another company to do business with. All standards of customer service disappear once they have you on the hook.

I find concrete examples are always helpful in reviews. In our case, despite not providing the promised unit, they would not correct it; nor would they reduce the rental price accordingly. So there we were on their lot with a choice - take it or cancel our summer vacation. In addition, the unit was sent out broken (we found out later) and filthy (for example, lots of dog hair and kibble between the mattress pads). We learned after our trip that the staff knew this problem existed but were directed not to tell us. Making the unit usable again cost us most of a day and left two significant features of the unit unusable for 90% of our trip. Numerous other issues - some minor and some major - plagued us during our trip. Our request for a minor credit was rejected, as were requests to speak with the owner/manager. emails and further phone calls were ignored.

I'm not naive enough to expect perfection, nor (despite this rant!) am I a whiner, but I have never had poorer service in a business arrangement. I have also never NEVER posted a negative review like this. I'm compelled here because I want to warn others away a similar experience. Bottom line - have a great time on your RV trip - just help make that happen by avoiding Western Motor Coach!
Posted by F-Western on 2012-06-10:
Couldn't agree more with the other reviews. We rented an RV for a week at the beach and they switched RVs on us. We even were able to find the RV we had rented

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