Towne Place Suites Marriott Complaint - Hotel Does not Know own Policies/Services and Customer Service

Review by Yvonne Marie on 2009-09-07
RENTON, WASHINGTON -- I want to advise others of how my family and I were treated at TownPlace Suites Marriott, in Renton, WA and how an employee was rude and lied about their policies/services.

A week before our stay in this hotel, I contacted the hotel and asked a few questions, one being if they have a shuttle service. They relayed they had a shuttle and even told me that they take their guests to several places around the area and even takes you places within 5 miles of the hotel.

A week later I checked in to the hotel and read the Guest Information Guide located in our room. In the Transportation Section of the guide it states, and I quote: Going Somewhere? Our hotel shuttle runs within a five mile radius and would be happy to take you.

Well, our ordeal began on 7 September, when we went to the front desk of the hotel and asked if they could run us to Starbucks, which was about a mile or two away. Just the day before (6 September) I was taken to Starbucks by them. Needless to say, the manager on duty at the front desk was extremely rude and refused to take us. She kept repeating that the don't do that and that is not their policy. I informed her that I was taken to Starbucks the day before, that is not what I was told by another person and that this is not what was written in their guest services book located in our room. She then made a snide remark that the book must have been old. I asked for her supervisor and she said he wasn't there at the time, so I asked if he could contact me in my room and I provided my room number. I didn't hear from anyone for almost two hours, so I went back to the front desk and the same manager was up front and she now told me she was the only manager there and that the other manager wouldn't be in until the next day. I told her that that is not what she told me a few hours ago. I then asked what her name was, and she would not look at me or acknowledge me, she just pointed to the wall, where her name was posted.

Later, while doing my laundry, this same manager saw me and informed me that she emailed her manager. I thanked her and went on my way.

Here is my question, do managers of this hotel even know what their policies are and what is in their guests guides?? Additionally, is this how guests/veterans are treated?

It is funny how one day they provide a service and the next day they do not. Sounds to me like a certain managers don't know their own companies policies/services and can just use them one day and abuse them the next.

Though this manager was rude and apparently did not know her own hotel's services, there were two individuals who were extremely polite and professional. The individual on duty at the front desk the day/time I check in on 5 September and shuttle driver on 7 September were totally outstanding. Not only did they welcome me back to the United States, as I have been stationed overseas for the past several years, but they made me feel welcome and very special.

It is too bad the great experience I was having, after returning from overseas as an active duty veteran, was ruined by one manager who thought/thinks she can use her position to treat veterans/hotel guests however she pleases.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-09-07:
i thought hotel shuttles were to take you to the airport or to places of interest,not to run one around to get coffee. Maybe the first shuttle driver was just being really nice to you and that actually wasn't his job?
Posted by Apple Mac on 2009-09-07:
Thank you for your service to our country. The USA is a great country because of the men and women who risk their lives to keep us safe!
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-07:
High-end hotels sometimes have "shuttles," that actually cost more than cabs. I've never heard of a hotel having a free shuttle to just take you anywhere you want.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-07:
From their website:

Alternate transportation: Shuttle Express; fee: 15 USD (one way) ;reservation required
Airport shuttle service, on request, complimentary

Probably, the Shuttle Express (for a fee), can bring you to local attractions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-07:
I think the point of this post is the hotel was not consistent with the shuttle policy. One day is yes, the next is no? That is not good customer service.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-07:
I think that one day they went above and beyond their policy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-07:
Good point, Charlie. I think that should have been conveyed to the customer. It's all about communication.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-07:
I have been to many hotels where the shuttle dropped you off at specific (tourist) locations for free. If a Starbucks happened to be next door to one of those destinations, however, I can see how that could be possible. I have never had a hotel shuttle take me anywhere I wanted to go, though, for free or otherwise. I would have just called a taxi, or, more likely, walked.

Yvonne, it's just possible that you had a shuttle driver with nothing to do that day he drove you to Starbucks. Nice of him, but probably not within their usual guidelines. The manager does not sound like she was very capable of explaining the situation to you.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-07:
It's hard to say what happened. It's possible that one day the shuttle driver was available for small trips like that, and maybe he wasn't the other. Seeing as how the only 100% legit (no opinion) is the policy from the website given by DC, the shuttle is available, but not free. So that leads me to believe your first trip to Starbucks was the exception, not the rule.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-07:
Doc Charlie is right on the spot. While I greatly appreciate your service to our country, I'm not sure how that applies to your review. I hope your next tour is uneventable and that you will return to America safely!
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-08:
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-08:
I have stayed in plenty of hotels that have shuttles that bring you within a certain radius of the property if - and only if - the van is not tied up with bringing passengers to or from the airport. Many people actually will spend extra money on hotels that offer a free airport service, but less so by having a free ride to the Starbucks down the street. I know I sure would be mad if I booked a hotel because they had an airport shuttle but I had to wait 45 at the baggage claim because someone at the hotel needed coffee. The service is complimentary and based on an available van and driver - maybe they could have communicated this to you better...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
While it's unfortunate about the policy being followed one day and not the next, why throw the /veterans in?? While we all very much appreciate what all the armed services have done, how does an individual know if a person has served and even so, are they entitled to something a non-veteran is not in they way of shuttle service? Maybe I'll start using "customer/ex-airline employee"

Sorry for the silly rant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
judge, maybe they are just proud of their service to our country. No big deal that they mentioned it, really. I'm glad the other employees made them feel special. They deserve it! I doubt you mentioning your former employer would get you zip. (Nor would mine.) It's just not on the same level.

ben, that's putting it in perspective; waiting for a shuttle at the airport because someone needed a cup of coffee. Plus, it is in the NW. There is coffee on every corner--most better than Starbucks IMO.

I still see why the op was upset because of the precedent set the day before. The manager definitely could have taken the time to explain.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-09-08:
welcome home
Posted by Ben There on 2009-09-08:
Even worse... How mad would you be because you missed a flight because the shuttle was on a coffee run to satisfy the guest who had been taken for coffee the day before when no one needed to go to the airport?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
Well, Ben, I wouldn't miss the flight. I'd call a taxi. Nothing comes between me and my flights, lol.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-08:
How about the guy that can't get a cup of coffee one morning, since someone else is already getting a cup of coffee! How can someone expect a hotel shuttle to be driving all of the guests around for a cup of coffee?

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