Boulevard Buick, Cherry Ave. Signal Hill,CA Complaint - This Dealership Will Stoop to Any Tactics, To Get That Sale

Review by colton on 2009-09-13
SIGNAL HILL, CALIFORNIA -- Boulevard Buick in Signal Hill, CA. turned a brand new 2005 (at the time) truck, to a nightmare and $26,000.00 cash to pay for the truck. Made the sale by telling me they had a business they used for years to install sunroofs (you see I spent 6 mos. looking for a new truck with the sunroof, color and style with my cash in hand).
They said "If the truck needing a sunroof is all thats stopping you" Well $1,800 later paid in full also. The "guys they used for years" (I doubt these guys ever did a sunroof before) By the way these guys are "Buds Auto Upholstery in Signal Hill also". Cut the cab way too big, (they claimed the sunroof supplier had delivered the wrong sunroof. 2 weeks later I finally get my truck back the interior lining sags so bad it hangs over passengers top of heads. If any of you have a Mom or Grandma that goes and gets their hair curled/styled every Saturday morning, you can relate, My mom refused to ride in my truck because she just had her hair done and didn't want to ruin it by the headliner messing it up. With the windows down not only does it hang low but it flaps in the wind too. It's funny cause the salesman replied when I told him this"Does it flap or just sort of wavvvvvvveee?"
Sure given the story told it is funny (in a way) (way like if its happening to some one else, funny) After we all got a laugh (a couple different visits laughs) all joking aside this sunroof destroyed my brand new truck. Now heres the deal the money was good, it always is, but the dealership and their "guys they been using for years" have yet 2009 to make good on their mistake. Oh don't bother to call the 800 something number, all that is "an intervention service that will give you the default closed case, now matter how customer correct you are.
Buyers beware Boulevard Buick in Signal Hill!!!

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