Huntsville Dental Center Complaint - No Dr. Jekyll, only Mr. Hyde

Review by sadimtouch on 2009-09-15
HUNTSVILLE, AL -- I had only seen him once before, to have some teeth extracted as I have had poor dental health and need dentures soon. I asked for nitrous oxide as I was nervous, and when he shot me up with novocaine, I made a sound because it hurt a little. I didn't curse, yell or say anything negative towards him. He threw down his gloves and stormed out saying he wouldn't even try because I couldn't handle it...I asked what was wrong...the assistant said he would come back and try again. I was crying because I was so nervous and upset by his behavior. He stuck me again and stopped when my lips started to quiver from being emotional. He proceeded to complain about how I couldn't handle getting shots and that he wasn't going to bother doing the work if I was going to be so difficult...? I left in a hurry as I was humiliated and embarrasssed. I'm ashamed by my teeth already, I didn't need to be shamed by his unprofessional behavior.

Beware!!!!!! He has a temper and will verbally abuse you.
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Posted by Johanna on 2009-09-16:
Have you taken your complaint to the office manager? I don't know if that will help, but who knows? Also, are there other dentists in that office? If so, have you tried using them instead of this jerk?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-16:
Just say "no." When I go to the dentist, I have them start me on the nitrous oxide before anything is done. That way, I am nice and relaxed when they insert the needle. Until I have the nitrous oxide, I don't let them do anything in my mouth. What I love best about nitrous oxide is that it relaxes me so they can do what is needed.
Posted by sadimtouch on 2009-09-16:
The dentist is the owner/operator and the only dentist, thanks for the suggestions, though. I was actually on nitrous when this all occured, I made a very small *ah* sound, that's what set Mr. Hyde off. I am filing a formal complaint with the AL board of dental examiners. I don't know if it will do anything, but it will forever be on his record and dental license history whether they rule in my favor or not.
Posted by Johanna on 2009-09-16:
there you go. what a brat to treat a patient this way. My opinion of dentists are pretty low anyway so this doesn't surprise me much.

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