Microtel Motels Alaska Complaint - Microtel Motels do not meet the ADA requirements for Disablities

Review by Alaskangal on 2004-07-12
Microtel Motels list themselves as able to deliver disablity rooms for the disabled.In Alaska they charge high prices in the summer due to tourism but do not provide services as most regular hotels such as Marriott etc. Their disability rooms are placed at the far end of the first floor with the ramp clear at the other end of the building. They allow pets,all kinds of pets. But they do not post any rules except that you must pick up your pets feces.(Most people don't)Their disability rooms are dark, cramped, lack the same quality and appliances that able bodied customers have. The roll in showers do not meet ADA requirements, and the bathroom's flood. They do not clean the rooms everyday or check the towels.The beds remain unmade or clean unless you ask them.They abuse the care attendants who are taking care of the disabled in wheelchairs. They treaten to put your dog in a pound and also to throw you out of the hotel. They admit they are not up to ADA requirements but don't care. I reported the Anchorage Microtel and the Eagle River Microtel to the Anchorage Disability Law Clinic and also to Access Alaska.They made staying in Alaska to visit family a horrible experience.Dogs ran up and down the halls and children ran up and down the halls knocking on doors. Fire alarms went off due to the steam from the bathrooms.They charged me $75 extra.I fell twice in their motels.In Eagle River, I had to take 2 rooms as the disablity room had nothing in it except 2 queen size beds and a roll in shower with a 3" lip. There was no refrigerator for keeping water cold or coffee maker. There was no air conditioning either, was given 2 small fans. The weather was in the high 80's and near 90.We spent over $3000.00 for 18 days of Microtel and each 9th day you were suppose to get one night free. At that price, we could have had a suite in the Marriott.
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Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-07-12:
Why did you stay 18 days with Microtel? After you realized how bad it was, wasn't there another motel available? God Bless you all for all the hardships a drunk's actions have caused.
Posted by compwiz on 2004-07-19:
I really doubt the truthness of this posting because Microtel hotels are all new (1995 or newer), and to get a fridge, you had to get a suite. This is clearly explained on their website. Next time, do research before you travel.
Posted by amanda06 on 2008-05-09:
I work for Guest Relations for hotels and I can never understand why it is so bad, yet you stay so long.

If call me and complain about an 18 day stay - It's not going to look very good. If you call and you did not speak with a manager about your dissatisfaction - or did not speak with him until check out - thats going to look worse. People have got to start letting management know when they are unhappy.

You can't just stay, and then upon checkout have a list of what was wrong. 1) It looks like you just want a discount and 2) How can they fix it AT CHECK OUT??

Not saying you did this, you didn't specify. But you shouldn't have stayed 18 days if you were not happy.

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