GoAheadVacations.com Complaint - Don't rely on your Insurance

Review by sprottn2000 on 2004-07-12
Back in March 2003, my sisters and I decided to surprise our mom with a family trip to Greece for her birthday. We each made a down payment with GoAheadVacations. We each paid a down payment of $450.o0 (a total of $1350 down) and we purchased the travel insurance due to the uncertain times we live in. Our trip was to take place in July 2003. The agent told us not to worry if we could not travel because we had the insurance.

Our mother was diagnosed with cancer and her doctor told her that she would not be able to travel. When we called GoAheadVacations we were told that we did not have the insurance until we all paid in full and we would have to pay for the trip in full to put in a claim for a refund. They wanted us to pay a total of $7293.75 and then HOPE we would get a refund on our claim.

Our mom even got a letter from her doctor for the travel agency and we explained to them that we did not want to take the trip without her as it was a gift for her yet they just put our trip "on hold". The agent claims one of our sisters called to put this trip on hold, our sister claims she did not make that call.

Here we are, a year later. Our mother's cancer is not in remission and she can hardly walk most days. She is in her 80's and the doctor has said there is no way she can make the trip. GoAheadVacations answer to our plight? They will give us trips to New York or Boston!

All we want is the refund of the deposits we paid over a year ago. We will not leave our mother as we have no idea how much longer she will be with us. The agent misrepresented the travel insurance, saying we had it when we paid our deposit. How can we trust them to honor a claim if we paid in full? Instead of being cheated out of $1350, we should take a chance of being cheated out of $7293?

Be wary if you book a vacation with this company, your travel insurance means nothing to them.
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-07-30
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-19:
Did you read the literature supplied along with the insurance you bought? Does it state you have to pay in full to get it? If not, go back to the company with that information. That's a lot of money to lose for a trip you're not taking.
Posted by JamieKn on 2004-07-30:
I've traveled with Go Ahead Vacations five times and have never had a problem. I'm sure that they have tried to make some type of option for her and her family memebers. They clearly state the insurance policy on all of the catalogs. I would bet that she wanted the insurance but didn't actually pay for the insurance. Unforutnayl people don't reallise that your insurance doesn't start working until you pay for it. I say give them a call back and I bet they will be willing to work with you.

Jamie, NY

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