Johnson County Special Utility District Complaint - Is their water made of Gold???

Review by Unhappy Consumer! on 2009-09-21
I have lived in my area for a long time. My water bill has always been VERY HIGH! I have talked with many many other people in the same water district I am in and also other water districts as well. In comparison to (many) other water districts, it seems our district is much higher than most of the other water districts
i have heard of. And we don't have trash service or anything extra on our bill. We have to pay our trash service bills to separate company other than the water company. I'm just wondering if other people are getting tired of paying these outragious water bill rates as well!!!
Does it really cost that much more to provide water to its community families in Johnson County Tx versus other counties we are bordered with??? If you are moving to Johnson County Tx, do yourself a favor and and really check out your water and utility rates before you make a commitment. It may save you tons of money in the long run.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-09-21:
how many gallons per month of water do you use?
Posted by grandma005 on 2009-09-21:
I live in California and my water bill this month is $93.00!. Is your bill higher than this?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
Here's some food for thought. I live in a small town in the NW and pay $150 every two months just for water (flat rate) whether I use a drop or not. If you go over the alloted amount, you pay even more. Sometimes there seems to be no justice. I like the place we live in, so I guess we're stuck with this.
Posted by moneybags on 2009-09-22:
A lot of small utility companies are actually "pass thru" agents. They buy water, electricity, etc. from the big boys and then resell to you - often at inflated rates. Check it out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-23:
That's not true for my town, moneybags. They put in a new water treatment plant a few years ago for all the approved new developments no one wanted. They said we all had to share in paying for the new plant (yep). When the economy tanked, a lot of the new development fell flat on it's face. Go figure. That's small town politics for you. Anyway, that's why our water rates are so high--poor planning.

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