1 & 1 Internet Complaint Poor Customer Service / Cancellation problem Complaint - 1 & 1 Internet Complaint Poor Customer Service / Cancellation problem

Review by 1and1.com on 2009-09-22
1 & 1 Internet Complaint
Poor Customer Service / Billing Problems - Domain Hosting

Price is good for website beginner. I have recommend to so many friends. All my friends and I are doing online business.

But then once you want to cancel it? event I have believed I complete the cancellation, I still got charged, and for TWICE! 2 times fee for 6 months, and late fee, and they turn to NCO financial systems INC.

Here is my experience at 1and1.com:

5 years ago (between 2003 to 2004), I have sign up a domain $2.99/month. Fee charger per 3months. 10 days later, I found it too difficult for me, and I canceled the domain and canceled the package. the remain month fee was refunded.

one year after I signed up a second domain. a few days later I need more tool and I need to upgrade to a better package. it ad "update your package" but I found no way to update, nor a "Update" button.

So I just canceled this domain and cancel the package. and sign up my third domain (ad: 30 days money back guarantee!), this package include many tools that I need for business contacts "Chat room" "Guest book"...etc. Then I found that I could not link the chat room, and I could change the color of text and table color only! all the tools are white background, fix table look, no pic w/ text posting only.

I was so disappointed! I canceled the package in 15 days. its AD with 30 days money back guarantee, do 1and1.com 's guarantee means GUARANTEE? I called for refund, billing service refunded 2 months fee.

Jan 2008. My friend(who I recommended to 1and1.com) told me somewhat ignore those charming but complicated tools, I should upload files through FTP://......

So I come back to 1and1.com from yahoo.com, and signed up the 4th domain in 1and1.com. this was a 6 months per charge time. $23.94/6 months.
2 months after that, one of my friend with better website skill he asked a few friends and I for joining together, so he could upgrade to better package and less fee.

I canceled my domain at March 2008. I got second charge at 07/2008, I do the package cancellation step after I saw the charge fee at my credit card statement.
1st step "cancellation successfully" at cancel.1and1.com.
2nd step copied the number from confirmation email, paste at cancel.1and1.com. > "Cancellation Complete"

Jan 2009, $23.94 the 3rd charge on my credit card statement. I called 1and1.com billing. billing service said I did not complete my cancellation. So I repeated the cancellation step carefully.
1st step: "cancellation successfully" at cancel.1and1.com.
2nd step: at the 3rd day after step one, I copied the number from confirmation email, paste at cancel.1and1.com. > "Cancellation Complete"

Today 9/21/2009, I received 2 letter from NCO financial systems INC. $23.94 fee and $18.95 late fee (my credit card info expired, so the charge declined).

and I the only one? Here is the link and quote from others:
"Be warned, 1 & 1 Internet has draconian customer service attitude. I used their domain hosting service for over two years for a very small website because of their attractive price. I paid under $18 for 6 months service. I closed my small business and the website. 9 months later I get a collection notice for $36.89.

That was for $17.94 renewal (automatic renewal) that they attempted to charge my credit card which had expired several months earlier. They sent the notice of expired card and failed charge to the email address on record. The email went to my spam folder. They NEVER mailed me a single letter or attempted to phone me. They simply turned it over to collection.

The collection agency added another $18.95 to the $17.94, for a total of $36.89. I got a LETTER from the collection agency. That is how I found out about the balance. I called 1& 1 Internet, the "customer service" agent couldn't have cared less. She told me that they would continue to bill me for renewals until I cancelled the service. When I asked her why they never sent me a single letter or phone me, she said they were a "green" company and they don;t send letters. Clearly, a scam dodge and hiding behind a noble goal. She assured me I could cancel immediately via fax and they would prorate a refund back to me -- about $14-15. Which means my net bill should have been about 3-4. Instead they burn me for $37 (including the collection agency fee).

When I asked how soon they would process my refund, she said they would refund it to the credit card on file. when I reminded her that was closed, she said she didn't have an answer.

Crummy attitude, sneaky policies, bad customer experience -- stay away from 1 & 1 Internet!"
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Posted by goduke on 2009-09-22:
Wow, an internet company who communicates with it's customers through the internet. What a very odd concept. I can't imagine what they were thinking.

I use 1&1, and added their website to my accepted email addresses. Why? Because since I have a business relationship with them, I thought it might be important that I allow their emails to come through. But that's just me.
Posted by Oilivier Mouse on 2012-10-08:
1 and 1 are notoriously bad. I've been there and they taught me the value of checking for customer complaints.
You were lucky it took over a year and several calls to Visa to get them to stop billing me.

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