Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company Complaint - After 30 years with Allstate I can't believe were having this problem....

Review by Fed Up with Allstate on 2009-09-24
TEXAS -- After 30 years with Allstate, both homeowners and our cars, we are having to fight with them about having the roof on our home replaced due to storm and hail damage. We have had 5, yes 5 roofing contactors on our roof, all stating that the damage to our roof is one of the worst one's that they've seen in our neighborhood. Out of 50+ houses in subdivision, 36 have had their roofs replaced because of storm damage. Were fed up, seeking legal counsel now, we really do not like doing that but feel they have left us no other alternative.
If your looking for homeowners insurance, do NOT pick Allstate!! I'm telling everyone I know. Having all our family members that have Allstate change to another insurance company.
Allstate if were in "Good Hands with you", I don't feel so safe or seeing anything good about it. I hope you know the story of telling 10 people, because I'm screaming it from the roof top "DO NOT PICK ALLSTATE AS YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY, YOU WILL BE SORRY, THEY WILL NOT PAY!!!"
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-24:
What reason are they giving you for denying your claim? You may have no other alternative than to take them to small claims court. You seem to have a good case especially with so many separate contractors supporting your claim. Good luck!
Posted by lobo65 on 2009-09-24:
Good luck indeed. I had them for years, and they tried to lowball me on a roof replacement cost after Katrina. Luckily the 2nd adjuster they sent out had a conscience. After they dropped me for wind coverage, I did the same to them.
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-24:
Yes, I also would like to know what reason did they give you, for denying your claim.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-24:
There has to be a reason you were denied. I work part time with a roofing company 4 months a year during peak season, and have worked with insurance companies. The main reason denials usually happen is that the roof can be repaired (or so the adjuster claims). Have your roofing contractors been licensed and given you copies of there estimate for the insurance?
Posted by medicman315 on 2012-06-06:
I would never allow any of my family to ever have Allstate Insurance !!! reason, my wife and I had Allstate for three of our homes until approximately 6 months after Katrina hit the gulf, I went to the mail box to retrieve our mail and found a letter from the county tax office stating that I did not have enough money in escrow to cover our taxes....well after further investigation I determined that Allstate without notice to me, increased our home owners insurance from $700.00 dollars a year to $2200.00 a year which completely drained our escrow account. I contacted them on the phone and they very politely informed me that they experience many large losses because of Ketrina, so I questioned them about why I would suffer a 300% increase when the last time I checked my home was still located in the center of the state of Indiana. I also questioned why I was never notified about the increase, and their reply was "By law we are not required to notify you of such things" so I immediatley asked if I was required to notify them if I wanted to cancell and they said yes and it must be in writing. So at this point I scratched on a piece of paper the time, date and my personal information and the statement to cancell my policy immediately. Because of this I will never and I mean NEVER have Allstate again. P.S. I did NOT receive a refund either.

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