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Voyager of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Complaint - Be Careful, Voyager Employee Is a Dangerous Predator, Robs and Violates Women

Review by Brebre7 on 2009-09-28
MIAMI -- The Voyagers of the Seas is a beautiful cruise ship, but be for warmed it is very dangerous, especially for women traveling with girlfriends. Husbands watch your wives and children. I know first hand there is a dangerous criminal who works on board, he preys on women. I will call him "Rafael", he is from the Dominican Republic, he works in one of the dining rooms in one of the larger restaurants. He is very charming, he preys on women, both single and married women. His goal is to get to know you so he can steal your money; not just your wallet, your banking information, he will go to any lengths, he will tell you many lies to rob you. Whatever you do ladies, DO NOT LET HIM SERVE YOU A DRINK!!!I know because I am a tourist who was violated by him. His accomplice is his wife, who is also facing charges. Be careful he is violent and ruthless, "Rafael" is wanted by the police back in his own country, is awaiting trial for Criminal and Civil charges against him.

Again RC is aware of the criminal activities "Rafael" is involved in, in fact they make it possible for their employee to continue, as they continue to employee him. I have spoken to other women who have also traveled on Voyagers of the Seas (check Facebook) who also have been violated by him. Sadly two of the women are afraid to come forward. The Company, Royal Caribbean is aware of "Rafael's" criminal activities, they refuse to get rid of this employee, he remains on board. Think twice about traveling with this company, since the security of Royal Caribbean guests is being compromised, as the company is obviously not particularly concerned with the safety of their female passengers.

Regrettably, being violated overshadows the pleasant experience of being able to enjoy the vacation.
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Posted by Skye on 2009-09-29:
Ummm, by any chance, did you share this information with Royal Carribean??

I'm not sure how you have all this "information", but to me, you sound like a jilted lover.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Innocent until proven guilty. If the man is not convicted, then Royal has no cause to terminate him. If you were violated, then you should have had him arrested. I don't buy any 'too afraid to come forward' story. I do buy that your posting could get you sued for libel and slander, not only by Rafael, but by RC Cruise line.

I also think if this was a true valid story, you would be naming this dangerous criminal with his real name. It makes me wonder since you are hiding HIS identity, what are YOU hiding?
Posted by Brebre7 on 2009-09-29:
Ladyscot,, Thanks for your concern.

You are right innocent until proven guilty, Royal Caribbean has served Rafael Rodriguez with legal documents including the subpoenas over the last 3 months, but Rafael fails to show up for court, his next hearing is on October 14th, 2009. If Royal Caribbean does not force Rafael to leave the voyager of the seas to appear in court what can I do? If the Police can not get access to him, he can't get arrested- Rafael knows this. . When someone rips you off by almost $20,000, you lose your house, then you find out you are pregnant with that criminal's baby, there does not feel like there is much too lose. Worse knowing his wife ( which he claims he is divorced from) is facing criminal charges for her role in this scam. Rafael’s entire family was also involved in this scam, this man’s family would have let me marry this man, (who is already married) had I not been notified by one of Rafael’s other victims, formerly a guest of Voyager of the Seas.
Not only does Rafael Rodriguez not deny what he has done, he is proud of it.
So again, there is not much left to lose, especially following an incident when the Voyager's of the Seas Captain, served Rafael a subpoena, a day later I was brutally attacked by a strange man. Had it not been for a taxi driver driving by that morning, I could have been killed by this maniac. I believe this is the work of Rafael Rodriguez, and luckily the police who showed up and took a report, felt the same way.
I dare Rafael to sue me- at least which would be one way of getting the career criminal in court. As for Royal Caribbean, I feel that their executive team is being negligent, in how they are ignoring the criminal and civil charges pending against their employee, Rafael. All I have asked the company to do is to cooperate with the legal authorities, allow Rafael to face the charges against him, by strongly encouraging him to appear in court, the man is dangerous liability to them, why work so hard to shelter, feed and employee ae criminal? If Rafael does not appear in court on October 14th my lawyers, in Canada and the Dominican Republic will litigate against Royal Caribbean, I have not kept this a secret from the company. In fact I have had a lot of contact with Royal Caribbean's head of security, and one of my lawyers had had contact with Royal Caribbean’s legal team. I've sent the company all of the legal paperwork to demonstrate the criminal activities Rafael Rodriguez has engaged in. I know Royal Caribbean is waiting for the international police to go after Rafael Yet, Interpol needs the legal documentation from the DR, but the judges in the DR can not issue a warrant, until Rafael appears back in his country. Ok course, If another women gets victimized, on the cruise ship, Voyagers of the Seas, by Rafael Rodriguez, and she complains to Royal Caribbean, then just maybe the company’s management may decide to do something about their criminal employee. At least you would hope so.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-29:
Wow...that's some story...good luck to you!
Posted by Brebre7 on 2009-09-29:
Response to Skye

Thanks for your comments. Absolutely, I have spoke to the head of security on several occasions,and corresponded with Peter Golden from the Royal Caribbean by email. My lawyers have corresponded with Royal Caribbean’s legal team as well. We are waiting to see if Rafael Rodriguez complies with the subpoena, to appear in court on October 14th and the November 2nd court date in Puerto Plata, DR, before my lawyers take their next step. As far as being a jilted lover, I would have disagree. I am a women, who has experienced a significant cash loss, which by the way I am told I can only try to recover half of what I am actually owed by Rafael in court. I am seeking justice, and part of what justice means to me, is trying to prevent criminals like Rafael Rodriguez from striking again, showing him that there are consequences to his actions. What compounds matters for me, is within the last few months, I lost my job when I disclosed my pregnancy to my employee, I had a very good international contract, and worked as part of a luxury hotel’s executive team. To digress for a moment, yes I have started litigation against my former employer, Casa Colonial Boutique Hotel, and the owner’s are cheap, although it is forbidden to terminate a pregnant women, the owners frequently fire women when they know they are pregnant, to save on paying for the maternity leaves.
My main point, here is when I lost my job, Rafael Rodriguez and his family, decided this was a good time to take the rest of money and run. My brother was killed in accident, less than 2 months ago, I would contact Rafael, he would not return my calls, I begged Rafael and his family to please return just a portion of my money, so I may help bury my brother and attend his funeral. They refused, and stated that all of the money had been a gift. To people like Rafael Rodriguez, I am a gringo, this is not terribly wrong, but to many Dominican male cruise ship and hotel workers like Rafael Rodriguez, I am a foreign women, who is their meal ticket. Rafael Rodriguez has taken every cent I had and every cent, I did not have (meaning items on credit). The fact that I am pregnant with his child, means absolutely nothing- he will not give me my money back, in fact I have evidence proving that he purchased property with my money. As long as Rafael is working on the Voyager’s of the Seas, he is already working on his next female targets- this is his life and his career!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-29:
oh. i replied to this over at planet feedbag

yes, it would have helped to have mentioned in the letter whether or not you had proof of the supposed criminal activities
Posted by Mrs. V on 2009-09-29:
Ummm. If the ship is in an US port, and there is someone on board that is wanted by the FBI, then they can request his removal *or* deny the ship docking privileges.

And the FBI almost always gets involved in this type of thing now adays.

No cruise line would not turn over someone and risk their docking privileges.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
OK... so you got yourself pregnant by a man who you know is married? One from another country? It sucks that you got so badly used, but I hope you take some time to reflect of the judgements you are making. Good luck with this, I hope you can nail him.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
OP, that is what I meant.ore to the story. No where in your original post did you say you were going to marry this man or that you had a relationship with him. THAT is a different kettle of fish honey. You were not raped (unless you actually were) and got pregnant, you got pregnant by a liar and a cheater. As for the money...who knows? I am sensing that you gave him the money, then found out he was duping you. His whole family being ion on it? Sounds like a movie.

If this ship docked in the US, then US authorities wold have been the ones to take him, especially if you are an American. Did you notify the FBI? Don't know if they could do anything as much of this seems like a civil matter.
Posted by Brebre7 on 2009-10-01:
I was not raped, just duped into trusting a man that is a liar, conartist and a thief. I did not know Rafael was married or had kids, because his wife pretended to be his cousin. As strange as it sounds, yes, Rafael's entire family lied to me- because they were after the money- my money. When I eventually found out that he was married with children, i did not speak to him.- He later produced papers to indicating he was in the second stage of divorce, his wife later told me the same story. Yet these divorce papers were not authentic, and his wife has changed her story in court.
I gave Rafael some money, beleiving that I was helping a man that I had a future with, he pretended to be something he is not. Yet I also made Rafael sign a promissory note for the actual loans he received from me, to ensure that I received the loans back. I have to take Rafael to court in Dominican Republic, his home country; we have a court date coming up in October, and November.
I have found out that one the social media sites, contacted Royal Caribbean yesterday, perhaps as a result of me placing my story on line. The company has asked me to have my lawyer contact them, I have forwarded the message to my lawyer, I hope the cruise ship has finally decided to something about this criminal. I realize they don't have a legal obligation to remove Rafael, (as the laws over bodies of waters is different from the laws on land), yet ethically I want them to consider their actions, sometimes protecting the public (other women)and allowing me and other women to proceed with getting justice, against their employee,- should be a concern to them. I know the events sound like a movie; it has been a nightmare, really, but I am trying to put in end to this. All I want at this point is the opportunity to recover some of the money back in court. If Rafael and Rosa end up in jail, that would be nice.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-01:

How long did you know Rafael, before you gave him money?? You just met him on a cruise, right? You said you were planning a future with him. How well could you have known him??

There are 3 sides to every story. Yours, his, and the truth, which lies somewhere in the middle.

Good luck getting the money back that you gifted to him.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-01:
Is this story not a little slanted? Woman on cruise falls for guy, has sex, wants to believe what he says, and loans money to him. Didn't your mother warn you about people like him? Or getting involved in foreign countries? While you talk about being violated, didn't you just put yourself in a position to be hurt.

This happens to men too: Meets woman, has sex, wants to help her out, loans or gives money - then finds out played for a sucker. While you should seek to get your money back, whether this is criminal remains to be seen.
Posted by Brebre7 on 2009-10-02:
I;ve know Rafael for years, my family met his family, I am Canadian, they flew to Canada to meet Rafael and his family several times. This man has worked for royal caribbean for 3 years. My family and I are not used to dealing with criminals. The man and his family sat down and planned a wedding with my family, know this jerk was married. I did not just have sex with him, I did not just give him or lend him money. Sky and JR, you obviously have never come across a career criminal.RAFAEL RODRIGUEZ DOES THIS FOR A LIVING, HE HAS DONE IT FOR YEARS. I recently found out from my lawyers investigator that this man was deported from the US,because he married another women under a different name, he was living in the country illegally. Did I miss some subtle clues about this man in the past? obviously I did, Did I or does anyone deserve to be stripped of their life savings and tricked in this way?Certainly not. So if you are telling me that you are smarter than me and this could never happend to you,more power to you- if that is what you need to hear. If you want me to blame myself for letting a theif into my heart and my bed, it is not going to happen. What Rafael Rodrgiuez and his family did, is wrong. There is no excuse you can use to soften their actions. Royal Caribbean enables this crook to continue to carry out his crimes, by continuing to employ him. I may never get my money back, but I will get peace of mind, when Rafael and his wife are behind bars, where they belong.

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