Waterbase Inn Complaint - Ripped Off - Lak Of Information

Review by bronco89 on 2009-09-30
LA RONGE S.K. -- On 9/22/09 IU stayed at thi place. My vehicle had broke down, hadto walk half mile on one crutch to get to a phone, Got a tow truck to get vehicle off road to a garage. Get a cab to the Waterbase Inn and check in. Got the cab to take me to a place to eat. Came back to room with two pop at10pm. When I checked in, I had my cigarettes out with my card. In the morning she says, we have too keep your 100.00 deposit cause you smoke. I said nobody told me I could"t, She was arrogant and said, don"t matter, we have literture in room. I said I was tired because I'm disabled, I just laid down to watch TV, She said the whole building is smoke free. I said why didN"t the night guy tell me. I think she was a correction officer at one time. I'm on a fixed income, disabled, vehicle in garage and now she ripps me off for100.00.They have stairs to lobby, hard to get up with a crutch, It tells me they do not care about people. I have friends in Wtson SK at box617 s0k4v0.I live in Kentucky, I'll fax you the bill and my DL#,notimpressed with SK hospitality in the north, Howdo I go about contacting the hunting shows down southso my American friends know about not to go to LarongeSK. Make sure they see this message, Iheard they have flyincamps. I'll send you my DL picture for her, maybe she"ll treat other people better. It"s not about the 100.00 I know that is gone. Thankyou Wayne Keyes
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Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-09-30:
First of all, when a room is non smoking there is most definetely a sign in the room that will specify such a thing along with how much the fine will be if you do smoke.
Second of all, if you are disabled and cannot use stairs, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the hotel you are going to has an elevator. Hotels are always open to accomodating guests with disabilities, and will assist you in getting a room closer to an elevator or whatever.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-30:
Most often they will provide you with a room on the ground floor so you don't have to negotiate the stairs. Non smoking means non smoking. I threw a cigarette pack away in my room once and they charged me 250.00. I didn't smoke in the room but they didn't care.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-01:
Wasn't the lack of ashtrays in the room a dead giveaway? Beyond the cigarette part, couldn't make even a little sense out of the post.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-01:
Just be glad you were not in California, you could have been arrested too for breaking the non smoking law.
Posted by bronco89 on 2009-10-01:
I"m a smoker and not a crimanal,hate to pay someone 200.00 to be treated like one.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-01:
Chalk this up to being caught on the rules in a foreign country. Who knows what crazy laws those canadians have. Be like the Canadians in Florida, and just tell the hotel that is not like what they do it back home and then demand the foreigner exemption.

Seriously, I would contest it with your credit card company. If the signs were not adequate, what right do they have to charge you for smoking. Did you actually smoke, or was this based on just possession of cigarettes in the room?

Posted by bronco89 on 2009-10-01:
She just asked me and I didN"t lie because I thought I did nothing wrong.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-10-01:
She probably thought that with all the signage she didn't need to remind you. What did you think was going on when you didn't find any ashtrays?
Posted by bronco89 on 2009-10-01:
It"s done and over,what happen to the old ways of freedom where somebody can"t tell you how to live your own life.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-10-01:
You still didn't answer my question. Didn't the lack of ashtrays suggest that smoking wasn't allowed?

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