Children's Store Complaint - That Is Right, Never Apply The Citi Card Child Place

Review by flowertail on 2009-10-01
I read one unhappy review about the child place card. I have the worse experiences about the card.

In 2007, I shopped in Children's store in Fairview mall Toronto. when checked out, the counter people asked me whether I wanted to applied a card with 10% discount. I said oak, because I regarded that this is a simple discount card. However, I never received this card since then.

This year, when I want to buy a house and check my credits. There is a bad record saying that I owe their money for the CITI Card CHILD PLACE. I called them what this for. They said that I owed them 20 dollars in the card. I said that I never received their card and never used this card, how can I owe them money. They said that when I filled the form for application the card, the card is activated automatically. I said that I paid by cash and I buy many items, even I did not pay, that was impossible for me to own them only 20 dollars. If I owned their money, why did not they to call police at that time? They said that when I filled the form, they transferred 20 dollars in it. This is really out of my understanding and feel so shock, and the service people did not tell me this.

But I really really paid by cash, I can swear it. SO they said that you need to show your receipt if you paid cash. Ho, my God, how can you image that one people keeps a receipt for over 2 years just for a Casual shopping?

Now, I ask them to send me the application form with my signature and the shopping details why I owed them money. I tried to reach the representative, but she always leave a voice message and never return my phone. The other service people say she will return within 72 hours, but actually, since last Friday my first voice message for her to today, I never receive her phone.

Then I followed up them to send me the application forms and details, but they said that it needs about 4-5 weeks to send to me, because they have not find the documents yet.

However, right now I need to apply the mortgage right now and it is impossible for me to wait for 4-5 weeks.

I even post this unhappy experience in another website, and many people have the same experience. One said when she applied this card, the Children Place double charged her money. It was fortunately that she paid by Credit card, so she has the proof to speak to the Children's Place. When she called the customer-service man, they are very rude and ask her to pay the interests. they even said that there is no any excuses for her pay late (actually she has paid totally and paid at once).

What is a ridiculous store card. I dare say that there is no body dare to apply such a card anymore, at lease most of my friends. And I would never go to the store anymore.

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