Simply Roommates & Sublets aka, Complaint - A Valuable Service Crushed by the Treacherous Speed Bump of Customer Service

Review by mcsepro on 2001-07-17
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- & has succumbed to an valuable service idea crushed by the treacherous speed bump of customer service. It all began as a requirement to find a roommate. With a $75.00 enrollment and questionnaire completed online Friday morning, June 29th. The roommate database would begin compiling my requirements with possible matches. Hours passed so I placed a courtesy call confirming receipt of the online application. The receptionist replies, "…Someone will call you to complete the application process…" The afternoon passed without the call. Saturday, I received a voicemail message indicating the information was received to please call SimplyRoommate&Sublets and discuss available roommate opportunities. Due to a scheduling conflict I could not return the call during business hours. Therefore, I called Monday morning July 2nd. The receptionist again assures me someone will call me back. Mid afternoon arrives again, no call back. Without hesitation an additional call is placed and the representative answering the call is questioning me with; who did you talk with earlier today, who called you back on Saturday, let me find your file folder. I replied somewhat frustrated, refusing to accept another promise of a call back, so I am put on hold. The same representative returns and states, I can not find your file, we are swamped, so let’s take another application. I was upset, and asked for a supervisor. Somewhat perplexed, the person on the phone was the owner of the company. I admit, she was courteous but internal staffing, filing, and poor management issues are not characterized as opportunities to request customer compassion. Nonetheless, I was turned over to Jilian (she stated her best representative) to continue the application. Prior to transferring the call, she assured me receipt of all possible matching roommates by the close of business. This was comforting and appreciated, I offered my fax number for speedy delivery. It was approaching 5:30 PM and still nothing was received. I called and asked for Jilian, he states, "…the list was faxed, would you like me to resend the list? It shows it has been sent." OK, was my response, because my fax deliver method is automatically sent via email.

Tuesday morning, SimplyRoommates&Sublets has failed AGAIN! No fax, not even a voicemail message, nothing, I call (for the 4th time) and ask for Jilian. (the best representative?) "Jilian, where is my promised fax? Help me understand the problem, where is the list!" Jilian offers to email the summary instead of using the fax. The list arrives, fax machines time and date stamp documents, the cover sheet states "Sent: 7/2/01 at 6:01:52 PM" My calculations indicate this was apparently sent (which I never received) 30 minutes after Monday’s 3rd phone call. Why is this company lying to customers? The documents received were valuable and up to this point a hurdle to acquire but I was content.

Friday morning, 7/13 I call and per the service agreement enrolled users can request additional updates. I understand the policy is most requests prior to 1 or 2 PM should be sent out prior to close of business.

Monday morning, would you believe it, nothing from SimplyRoommates&Sublets, I am shaking my head in disbelief. I call Jilian complaining the delivery channel is not happening, am I the only customer in their network not receiving updates? He assures me I will receive an update between 3 and 6 PM. Tuesday morning, again NOTHING from Jilian. What more can I do? ANOTHER call (number 6) asking for the update! What has me upset, writing letters to professional associations, and the online complaint web sites is fueled buy what the new representative told me: "You were faxed, 'no new updates' because on 7/16 nothing NEW in the database was found since 7/13. I will resend all database matches and you can sort out those you received in the past." In the conversation with Jilian on 7/16 I clearly explained the 7/13 updates were not received. Can a valued customer be any clearer on the description or instructions?

It is apparent, SimplyRoommates&Sublets aka & does not have customer service as a cornerstone for success. Six phone calls in 2 weeks! The organizational approach to reliable service is awful with evidence in the leadership’s oversight in customer appreciation.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

I want someone at SimplyRoommates&Sublets to perform an audit of my account ensuring all updates I have received are current

Explain why SimplyRoommates&Sublets concerning this matter have subjected me to this type of 'customer service' while offering any additional comments deemed appropriate

I would like SimplyRoommates&Sublets to make the appropriate adjustments to my paid invoice based on the above

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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