Classic Chevrolet Complaint - I'm NEVER Doing Business At Classic Chevrolet in Owasso, OK

Review by AllysonBaxter on 2004-07-20
OWASSO, OKLAHOMA -- I'm writing a complaint regarding Classic Chevrolet located at

8501 E Owasso Expressway
Owasso, OK 74055.

First of all they sold my dad a bad 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. They car salesman Brian E Scott tried to get my dad to put his 1989 Ford Bronco (which is worth at least $4,0000) down as $500.00 down payment +$800.00 in cash. I haggled them down to just accpeting the $800.00 cash down payment. 2 weeks later I found out the intake manifold gasket was blown. The dealership offered to take $125.00 of the $749.00 cost of repair done at the dealership but we never saw in writing where they had taken anything off, which I seriously doubt they did. A verbal agreement was made to pay $5,000 over a 46 month period with 14% financing when we purcahsed the car. Then 5 days later my dad gets a call saying that the 14% financing can't be done and it has to be 16%. Giving your word, means nothing to the people at this dealership. 2 weeks after the intake manifold gasket had to be replaced My dad gets a call saying they sent the title to the wrong individual at the wrong address. They sent it too

William Blundell in Collinsville, OK. The car is in my dad's name. His name is Michael Blundell in Tulsa, OK 74130. We had to go back to Classic Chevrolet and get this error fixed. Today is our day off. My dad was in the hospital yesterday and had major surgery. It was a major inconvenience having to go back to Classic Chevrolet to get the error fixed. The ignorant woman who filled out the title says "I just don't know what I was thinking, I just have those moments where I completely blank out, William Blundell must have been speaking to me from the dead." OH MY GOD! No apology what so ever, for our inconvenience. He aske her to put my name on the title and spelled it out for her.


She spelled it Alyson Baxter. She is incompetent and needs to be fired.

These people that they have working at Classic Chevrolet are dishonest, not customer friendly, incompetent, and will tell you anything to make a sell. Don't do business with them or else you'll be sorry.

Here's what I'd like to see happen

Refund the $400.00 they charged for replacing the intake manifold, Re-imburse the cost of my title $183.00 and pay for the cost of my tag that is due in September. Also, if this is agreed upon by Classic Chevrolet, I want everything put in writing about the re-imbursements and paying for my tag in September.

If I don't get what I'm requesting I'm posting this letter on every consumer feedback sight that I can find on the web and I'm calling Channel 2,6,8 and Channel 5 to and I will get my face on the news with complaint about Classic Chevrolet in Owasso, OK.

Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2005-04-08
Posted by tander on 2004-07-20:
First of all, you should NEVER ever put your address, let alone a phone number on a public forum like this, unless you want every lunatic on the web calling you and showing up at your house, so please,remove your address and number from this site.
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-21:
Yeah, let me give that address information to my serial killer friends. C'mon, who puts personal information like this online??
Posted by sis3354 on 2004-10-06:
Sounds like you and your dad need some car buying lessons before you go car shopping again. There have to be at least a hundred sites online that tell you how to purchase a car and avoid all the pitfalls you fell into. Those people saw you coming and took full advantage of you. You do seem very naive though, buying a car the way you did, and putting all your putting all your personal info online. Better mark that car as a life lesson and learn something from your mistakes.
Posted by djwillwin on 2005-04-08:
You shouldn't post personal info. Be certain next time to perform a "pre-buy" inspection or at very least,ask the dealer for a copy of their pre-delivery inspection. The title problem sounds a little strange. As far as rate negotiations, credit permitted, lock down financing after you shop local banks!

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