Apollo Casualty Insurance Complaint - Thieves & Crooks

Review by elljen on 2009-10-07
DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- I was sideswiped by a man insured by Apollo Casualty. He admitted fault at the scene. I filed a claim with Apollo only to be denied.... they stated that a third party wearing a sign board for Little Ceasars Pizza stepped into the street and their insured had to swerve to avoid hitting the phantom person in the street. I was there.... There was NO third party that stepped into the street. Even if there was, why does this excuse him from being liable for the damages to my vehicle? Aren't you supposed to be able to STOP if a pedestrian is in the road, not swerve.

I immediately went to Little Ceasars and had the manager put in writing that there was no employee of theirs wearing a sign board even working that day. Sent the statement to Apollo and they still denied, simply stating that it was not the fault of their insured, period! I now have to pay out of pocket to get my car fixed and have my insurance company sue them for the damages. Why do I have to pay for the negligence of someone else?? This company needs to be PUT OUT OF BUSINESS!! I can not believe the State of Illinois lets them remain in business.

They also do business as: Delphi Casualty Company; American General Holdings; Apollo Casualty Company Fla. Stay clear of these crooks, they will have to answer to Someone, someday.... all I can say is.... it will come back around!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-07:
You are giving up to easily. File in small claim court.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-07:
Sounds like your typical insurance company that never wants to pay for anything.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-10-07:
and a responsible driver STOPS if he or she sees someone in the street
they don't swerve into other cars

i'm not sure if the ceaser's near my house does the card-board person thingy. i know they didn't do it when i worked there, but that was about 18 years ago

i see them for dominos though but they stay on the grass next to the road. i would assume they'd use a crosswalk too, cos traffic is pretty thick where they normally stand

either way, the other driver is still responsible
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-10-07:
PassingBy is right. Apollo is counting on the fact you will just go away. Most of the time this tactic works for them. Don't let this be one of those times. FIGHT! Sue for your damages, rental fees (if any), and court costs. They will likely call you to settle once served with court papers.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-10-07:
Was the other driver cited or even given a written warning? If so, there's your at fault proof. Even if not, get a copy of the police report to see what it says and how you think it will work for you in court.
Posted by elljen on 2009-10-08:
Thank you all, I am planning on taking this to small claims court, maybe even Judge Judy! The other driver was not cited, but he did admit guilt at the scene. Does anyone know if there is any statute of limitations on claims like this? Just want to be sure I have all my ducks in a row. Thanks again!!
Posted by CC on 2011-11-05:
If everyone who has a problem with this company sue them and/or their insured then we can all send a message that we can be just as ignorant as them and to the people who buy their insurance then you run the. Risk of being sued and your insurance company will not help you. But, what would really help is getting a reporter to investigate and write about it then the powers that be will be put on the hot seat to listen.
Posted by Apollo needs to be arrested on 2012-09-18:
Illinois/Florida or the National Assoc. of Insurance Co. (NAIC) needs change their laws to such them down. Most Insurance companies hold themselves to much, much, much, much, much higher professional ethical standards! I've got a lawyer, plus I am writing Illinois and Florida Govener's office, reporting them to both the state of Illinois / florida's dept. of insurance and dept. of professional standards

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