Trowbridge Mcdonald's Complaint - Why Can't They Get It Right - Only Basic Reading Skills Are Needed !

Review by meeshwa on 2009-10-09
TROWBRIDGE -- Hi there, As a family of 4, we do like a treat once and a while, so we pack the kids in the car and decide to travel down to mc donalds in Trowbridge , First obstacle, Actually getting in the drive thu, past the mile of cars, 10 minutes later were asked what would you like, hummmmmmmm what are the choices burger burger or burger oh yes and fries , I will have a double quarter pounder with cheese twice please, and two hamburger happy meals, Then we receive our drinks and happy meals and asked to go and wait in the bay, where they chuck you if you have the cheek to ask for a double quarter pounder with cheese, by the time the staff arrive with your burger and fries, Your children's happy meals are freezing cold ," sorry kids " and wait there is more, We get home ........

The order is wrong , What could possibly be wrong, we wanted our double quarter pounders with cheese after waiting at least 5 minutes for them we were handed big mac's with medium fries . How could this be when we wanted and paid for large double quarter pounder meals !( This happens more often than not ) On average we spend at least £13.00 - £20.00 every time we visit we always take our meals home and then by golly its to late. So after receiving the same lame slow standard treatment from mc donald's staff in trowbridge, we choose the most un-economical un-environmentally friendly way to have a mc donald's, By travelling to Melksham For our Once a week treat.

There the staff are faster and more efficient. Please note we live in Trowbridge !..............Rather than righting you off, Especially since the lovely re-furb, we decided to save our petrol and our carbon admissions and once again put our trust in you ! Big mistake ..............Less than a month ago. The last time we visited ! we ordered 2 sausage and egg mc muffin meals with coffee, first we were given 4 coffee's. Not a good start ! Excuse me ....................urmmmmmmmmm we didn't order 4 coffee's. A problem we could clearly see, and sorted.........Then the meals arrived .......oh lovely double sausage and egg mc muffin wrappers but one was a bacon in a muffin roll ? And the other was a single mc muffin , "for gods sake " I say to my patient partner who says " don't worry about lets just eat it and never come back ! " GOOD IDEA " I say. No refund, No COMPLAINTS ....................

We are simply out of patience with you .........................I would love to know as a customer IF or WHEN Trowbridge mc donalds will ever improve, So once again we can enjoy its pleasure. Awaiting your reply for the thumbs up !
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
If you order as bad as you formulated this complaint, I can easily see why they get confused.
Try treating the little ones INSIDE sometimes, you usually get better service, the kids can go to the playground or whatever it's called and you can save some "petrol".
Posted by Pepper on 2009-10-09:
true. i personally never use the drive-through
takes me a while to figure out what i want and then well... even in open air my voice can come out soft so it's better i go inside to order.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
You'd think that with all of the modern technology someone could figure out how to make the drive thru audio not sound like you are using a kid's walkie talkie!
Posted by Pepper on 2009-10-09:
you know they should do what japan does!

at the "beef bowl" (well that's what we called it) you didn't even have to speak Japanese.

You just put your money in the machine, hit the choices of what you wanted (there were pictures), handed the ticket to the chef, and they'd make your food

maybe that's an idea.
Posted by B. on 2009-10-09:
Hey is this Trowbridge near Bath? Cause I grew up there, of course the Mc d's probably wasn't there then. I don't remember the address where we lived but there was an Pub at the end of the road called the "Kings arms"(were me and my brother would sneak in for a pint of shandy when we were like 15 yrs old) and some little shops were I would buy my sweets. Ahhh memories.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
That's pretty cool Pepper.
Japanese Beef Bowls are the best when done right.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-10-09:
yeah and when in japan you know it'll be done right. :-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-09:
I bet. The one out here is called Kokoro. I load my bowl up with the ginger, the soy and the red pepper mix. I can't wait to have one now!

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