ParetoLogic Informative - It is possible to pay for software and ending downloading "malware"?

Review by Juan on 2009-10-10
Has anyone had the following experience?
I had a problem with the installation of Windows Live Photo Gallery. I searched the web for a solution. ParetoLogic sudenly offered to me a free scan of my computer because my problem was a simple register problem. The free scan "accepted", at lightning speed the scanning searched in every vital part of my computer and found the incredible total number of 1453 errors. They offered for $29.95, this day only at a special price of $19.95 the program regcure to eliminate the errors. I accepted and finally had to pay $39.94 for the download to safecart.com "the online payment processor for many software publishers"...Then I was instructed to reestart my computer to use regcure to correct the 1453 errors. After reestarting, my computer needed 15 minutes to boot to my settings. My settings were altered and cannot be accesed. The essential program scvhost. exe cannot read a memory so every windows program must close because an unnexpected error found after be opened. System restore can't restore to any prior check point;no sound at all; no access to internet, the directory of IPS was corrupted;I double click the red icon of regcure and receive the notice:"Windows sockets damaged". I sent regcure to the recycle bin and I receive the advice; "How are you to correct the 1453 errors found in your computer?". If I manage to repair anything, the error reapeared after starting my computer. The scanning really was a very clever malware trojan virus and regcure was a joke. That day I received a long mail from Regcure Customer Service with additional instruction to follow and much Ja!Ja! Ja!... we are the Gmail hackers...", etc.

I'am asking now PareTologic for a full refund, my bank denied the stop payment I asked for, because I authorised the transaction. And this is true, really true, my friends. The reason for the refund I have presented to this company is that "I bought a solution for a problem and not a problem without solution". To kill this horrible Trojan virus I had to reformat my hard disk, killing everything in my computer. By the way ParetoLogic is a company with "A" class in the BBB. That's incredible, my friends, but true.

Thanks to this minor incident I begin now to understand better the root of the world economic crisis. Yesterday my internet browser suddenly open without addons repetedly and inmeditely there was Regcure to the rescue...So the situation is alive. Take care of your computers...

Juan Jose
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-10-10:
I wonder if Paretologic is a "rogue" antivirus program that embedded itself into a web page you were looking up when you were researching how to fix your Windows photo albums. Because this "antivirus scan" "suddenly appeared", it is definitely a "rogue" antivirus program. I never heard of the company. All these rogue programs do is run a phony scan and ask for your credit card information for a "fix" that doesn't work. I would strongly advise that you contact your financial institution and have your credit card number changed, as well as monitor your credit reports so no accounts are opened under your name without your knowledge. This sounds like a phishing scam. In the future, stick with well-known antivirus/computer security products (such as Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc.) Don't fall for these bogus products that could damage your computer.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-10:
Try running Ccleaner.com on it. There may be a hidden restore point that Ccleaner might find. Ccleaner should clear up the damage done to your system registry to.

Best of luck to you. Hope you didn't loose any data and don't have to reformat. If you do you might want to wait a few days and install Windows 7 which is due for release any day.

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