Retreat at the Raven Apartment Complex Complaint - Scamming, Lying, back handed management

Review by s0_un_happy5645 on 2009-10-12
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, ARIZONA -- Resided at the apartment complex: Retreat at the Raven when it was owed by the Mark Taylor management company. About two months into my lease we got a note on our door saying that the management company had since changed. We never signed a new lease agreement or any paperwork with the new management company. When we originally signed with Mark Taylor they require a 60 day notice to vacate. Our lease ended on 10-15-2009. We received paperwork from the current manager company that we needed to complete the notice on 9-1-2009 at our door. We completed our notice to vacate on 09-01-2009. I called up on Friday to let them know that for the first time in the 14 months that I have lived there I was late on the October rent and I wanted to work out something with them for the prorated 450.00 that I owed for the 15 days of rent in October. I was told that they would not work out a payment plan with me and that they were not willing to work with me. I was than told that they did not even know an amount that I would owe for October rent and that they were going to have to get a copy of the account ledger from the accounting department and that they would call me back. I waited all Friday for a callback and I was not called back until Saturday. When I received the callback there was no resolution to the October rent. I was told that since I signed a lease agreement with the Mark Taylor management copy and they require a 60 day notice and I was late on this agreement by 16 days that they wanted to ask me some questions. I called back on Monday 10-12-2009 to talk to them, and they said that they would research the issue and than call me back. They called me back and stated that because I was late on giving my notice that my lease would extend through the end of November and I would owe for the full October and November rent. I than told them that I did not understand this because even going by the 60 day notice this would only extend my rent through 11-1-2009. And that I should not owe for the full month of November when my lease would than end on the first day of November. He than put me on hold and than came back and told me that my I would have to pay for only half of November. I asked him why and he said that since I signed my lease on the 15th of the month it would have to end on the 15th of the month. I told him this was beyond the 60 day notice and that I was unwilling to pay for the extra two weeks beyond the 60 days. He was not willing to further explain the issue, just told me he was willing to provide the documentation to support the issue. I told him I would come in and see what he has however, on the original lease agreement that I signed it said nothing about the lease being extended beyond the 60 days or having to be extended to the 15th of the month. And that the apartment complex cannot hold me liable to any policy that was not on my original lease agreement. In short, I have complied with all Arizona state law regarding intent to vacate, as well as I have been a good tenant and I have never paid rent late or had any other issues up until this month. I am displeased that the management company was not willing to work with me regarding the original amount that was late, but also that they never even gave me an amount for October that I would owe. I am displeased that they are attempting to hold me liable to policy that I was not made aware of and that they will not provide me documentation that I was ever aware of this issue.

Also, I forgot to mention that recently there has been a van pull up from a local substain abuse half way house pulling up and dropping and picking up residents. As well as that recently in August there have been several pitbulls in the complex one of which was unleashed running around with childern around, and attacked an older lady and her dog as she was walking it. It is common in the complex that dogs run around unleashed. Also with some recent tenants there is a smell of Marijuna around the back portion of the complex. And finally when I moved here my car insurance went up 50 bucks a month and I have talked to 3 residents that have recently had their cars broken into, when they sent me my renewal notice the attempted to up my rent by 130 dollars a month.

They just called me back on the phone saying that now I will only owe for October and late fees (990). This is still 3/4 of what I make a paycheck!!!! AND they are not willing to work out a payment plan with me and expect me to magically have this money by the end of this month or go to the collections department!!!! I could have paid 100.00 dollars a month and they would not take it!!!!

I have complied with all law regarding intent to vacation I gave 6 weeks notice! I have documentation from the current management telling me to notify them by 09-01 and I did! I have looked up the laws in the state of Arizona, and I am wel within my legal right. I even tried to come in and give the 60 days! I can't understand why they are doing this to me, I have never I repeat never paid my rent late. I have a 700 credit score I am not this type of person.

Stay away from them. They don't care and they will do the same thing to you.

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Posted by moneybags on 2009-10-13:
But you're late now.
Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-10-13:
^^ agreed.

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