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Review by prkr on 2009-10-14
I was going to do this last night when I came home from work but decided to wait until I had calmed down some. I know that there have been a lot of complaints about different credit card companys latley. I work for a major bank and get to speak to thousands of people a month and try my best everyday to help the people I speak with. I just want to give everyone a little bit of advice. When you call to complain about anything always remember that the person you are speaking with is not the bank. Explain the problem in a calm maner if what you are asking for is not granted its ok to be upset but calling the reps stupid or cussing them is not ok. Sometimes things can be worked out sometimes not, If it can't be with the fiest representative and you think you are in the right ask to speak with someone higher. I am actually an account manager and we can handle a lot of things that the first line reps can not, that dosent mean that we can waive a late fee for the 4th time in a row or take an account out of default for the 6th time in a year but we can accomidate reasonible request. However no matter who you speak with or what the outcome is screaming and cussing does you no good at all. If you are yelling and calling people names at that point you will get nothing except mabye repoted to the security dept. for abusing the reps and if that happens to many times then accounts are closed and the next time you call in there may be a note to inform you that we will not talk to you anymore and you have to write in at that point you will hear a click and no one on the line anymore. I know fees are frustrating no one wants to pay extra if they don't have to, but if you pay late all the time then guess what you pay the fees. One more thing the first thing out of most of your mouths is " I am the best customer you could ever have" If you choose to start the conversation this way then you had better know for a fact that you have never messed up. If there is one blemish at all in the 20 years you have had your account we know about it and then no you are not the best customer ever you are truley one of millions who try your best and sometimes mess up.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-10-15
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-10-14:
Good common sense stuff.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-14:
You obviously don't read enough posts here. If you had, you'd know that the 'best' customers are always the ones complaining about how many NSF fees they got.
Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 2009-10-15:
People know that they make jerks out of themselves when they go insane with customer service reps. The problem is that there are too many managers out there with no backbone that will give a customer virtually anything they wish just to get them to go away. People have been taught that acting like 2nd graders gets them what they want.

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