Nissan of Gadsden Informative - You have to pay extra for good customer service

Review by stranded4 on 2009-10-14
GADSDEN, ALABAMA -- I remember a time when retailers were eager to please their customers. I would never have dreamed that good customer service would have a rising cost with the changes in the economy.

Here is our recent experience. We purchased an excellent used car, from Nissan of Gadsden, a month ago. Admittedly, we made the choice to opt out of the extended service agreement. Low miles on a highly reputable car did not convince us we needed to pay that added cost. (Hindsight is always 20/20).

Exactly one month to the date of purchase, a major gearing issue arose, and the car was stranded in our own driveway. We have paid the expense of towing the vehicle to an authorized service shop, and will pay the $1700 in repairs. We knowingly did not purchase the "plan" the dealership likes to use as it's power word, and without arguement, will pay the repair costs. This also leaves us with one car for the week with a busy family of 4.

We went to Nissan of Gadsden and asked them if they could lend us a hand and help us out with a loaner car for a few days. Because we did not "BUY" that particular plan, they would not help us. I explicitly clarified with the Manager, TWICE, "So I can leave here knowing that you sold us a car with a major problem, one month ago, and because we did not PAY for good customer service, you can not help us out". He clearly said "Yes, that is correct". He also agreed that a loaner car would have no cost to them, but because we did not PAY for that service, we can not have it. I need to add that we have excellent insurance that covers any car we drive. We made that clear too.

I am so disappointed that the extenuating circumstances are bound by such black and white guidelines. A lending hand on such a fresh sale would have spoke volumes.

Having one car for the week is no big deal. We can manage. Friends have offered their extra cars, or we could rent one at our own cost. This is about customer service. It now has a sticker price
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Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-10-15:
I hear what you are saying-but if a loaner car is part of the package you did not buy, then you are not entitled to one. If they did it for you, they would have to do it for others. Being told no, you can't have something, and not breaking the policy is not poor customer service. If the problem came up almost a month after purchase-the dealer probably was unaware of the problem. When they get a trade in, or buy something at auction, they do a mostly visual inspection-not a complete teardown of the vehicle-that would be cost prohibitive.

And this is why my personal soapbox mantra is any car can break down at any time-no matter what the badge on the hood says. Good luck.

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