St. Louis Lambert Field Complaint - No English spoken here

Review by Anonymous on 2004-07-24
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I had a lay-over recently at Lambert Field in St. Louis and tried to buy a travel alarm clock in one of the shops in the airport. I did not immediately see what I was looking for and tried to ask the two employees behind the counter for help. I walked out empty handed because neither of the employees spoke English and could not figure out what I was asking for. Pretty sad that I have to speak a foreign language in my own country to do business.
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Posted by mad on 2004-07-24:
I find it difficult to believe that they spoke no English at all. I live in one of the largest cities in the U.S., with a large Spanish-speaking population and personally have never had that problem. People from around the world come here to live and have to learn the language; most don't come with a high level of English profiency, and this isn't anything new; it's the way it has always been in this country. Most immigrants realize that if they want to work in this country, they have to learn English. I'm not saying that you're incorrect. I'm just saying that I find it unusual that they would attempt to work with the public without knowing some English.
Posted by qtpi on 2004-07-24:
You are correct and I probably misspoke. Clearly, they had to know a little English to function but about all they could do was to run the cash register. They had no clue what I was trying to ask them and did not even really act like they cared.
Posted by mad on 2004-07-25:
It may have seemed like they didn't care to you, but that may not have really been the case. There could have been a lot factors involved, like cultural shock. I teach English as Second Language to both high school and college students and see it all the time. When you don't know the native language, it's pretty scary out there. But, they do eventually and can assimilate. One of my students came to me as a very shy 14 year old with no English skills, graduated from high school a year early, joined the army, went to Iraq, and came back a Sgt. before he was 21 years old.
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-25:
I can well understand how frustrating that can be. That kind of thing don't bother me. I live in Oklahoma City and we have a very large hispanic population here too, maybe more so than you do. But I learned Spanish many years ago and am very fluent with the language, read, write and speak it. I have to help people get what they want in stores or flea markets from time to time. It is an easy language to learn and I enjoy speaking to hispanics in their native tongue. What gets me is when they can't really understand all that much english yet try to ignore me when I speak Spanish to them and they keep on trying to answer in Engilsh. Learning a new language is really a lot of fun as far as I am concerned.
Posted by mad on 2004-07-25:
I'm in Dallas. I thought about moving back to OKC for a while until my husband comes back from overseas. I know they need ESL desperatley, but I would have to take about a $15,000/yr salary cut. What the heck is goin on there? Teachers leave Okla. and come here all the time.
Posted by mad on 2004-07-25:
Go back to "Curious about NCO" to find out why I can't acess the da@m 18 questions. Don't want this poster to think I'm a perv or something.
Posted by qtpi on 2004-07-25:
But, by hiring people with such limited English skills, isn't Lambert putting a low value on providing services to travelers who come through the airport? It appears that they only require gift shop workers to be able to ring up sales and not provide any assistance of any kind. This just does not seem right to me.
Posted by mad on 2004-07-25:
Yeah, that is kind of weird. I don't know what's going on there. I know McDonald's won't even hire some of my students if they can't speak enough English. If you're going to work with the public, employers usually want their employees to be able to understand and speak enough English to answer questions.
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-25:
!---->Oklahoma has always had a problem with losing teachers, police, firemen and other public servant and public official type personell because the pay scales are so low. We train an awful lot of them because the tuition in our colleges is lower than most places too but as soon as we train them they go elsewhere for much better pay. We don't have the economic base here either that most other places have. Another major problem that we have is that of being burdened with a legislature ridden with people who fail to realize that God loves religious fruit but probably hates religious nuts. Oklahoma has always been like a tree overloaded with an abundance of the latter.
Our former Gov. Keating and the present Gov. Brad Henry are prime examples of that. Oklahoma will always be so. About the only advantage we have here is that the cost of living is also a lot lower than it is elsewhere such as Dallas. Mad, you have my email and my phone number or you can get them very easily. If you will send me an email I will give you a direct link to the 18 questions.
I would provide it here but this board just don't accept any kind of VB or html coding at all. I do have them on a normal webpage that can be viewed in IE or any browser. Also I hate to post links here because that might be seen as advertising and
I don't mean to do that. I'd love to chat with you by phone or by skype which is usually better than talking on the phone anyway. All one needs to do to talk to me is go to skype.com and download their free program and install it and then do a search for creditwrench and you will find me and we can chat hands free. I keep a laptop with skype
loaded on it and active at all times.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-07-25:
Wow, foriegners that dont speak English working in America? Youre suprised at this??!! Where have you been!!??!!
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-25:
[Yeah, that is kind of weird. I don't know what's going on there. I know McDonald's won't even hire some of my students if they can't speak enough English.] Here in Oklahoma City we are "blessed" not only with Hispanics who can't speak English but Vietnemese, Indians(India Indians) Arabs, Russians and just about every other nationality and race known to mankind as well. And then the debt collectors and other companies as well as the IRS are outsourcing their support services to India and other countries. I just love it (not) when I get a call from a collector who is obviously foreign and has a Hispanic sounding first name and then can't speak Spanish and can't understand English all that well either. I always assume that somebody named Sophia or who has a hispanic sounding accent speaks Spanish and as soon as they start talking about a debt I immediately start speaking Spanish to them and if they don't understand Spanish that is just too bad for them. I suddenly don't understand English either. (LOL) Tech support people from other lands
when one has a problem with a piece of equipment or a service is a nightmare to say the least. Tech
Support level one are usually those who just barely understand enough English to ask dumb questions and refer you to Level 2 tech support who understands English enough to undertand what yor problem is and refer you to tech support level three who understands enough English to understand your problem and speaks enough English to tell you that everybody went home for the night and you should try again tomorrow.

Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-25:
I just gotta try this. [b]LegalCollector (07/25/2004) Rate this user
Wow, foriegners that dont speak English working in America? Youre suprised at this??!! Where have you been!!??!!...[/b] And this as well------LegalCollector (07/25/2004) Rate this user
Wow, foriegners that dont speak English working in America? Youre suprised at this??!! Where have you been!!??!!... Now we will know if either BB code or html works here or not. With NAFTA and GATT, nothing surprises me anymore. Just saw a Mexican 18 wheeler pulled into a center island a couple of days ago and the trailer had snapped in the middle like a Dachshound with a broken back. The middle of the trailer was on the ground. NAFTA was supposed to be good for America and good for Mexico but all it did was rob us of our job base and it didn't do any good for the Mexicans either.
The wages that the maquilladoras (factories) pay is so low Mexicans can't even afford to work for them. So they are all moving to China leaving Mexico as bare as their dinner tables. Our glorius
leaders were stupid enough to fall for the NAFTA gag and we suffer the consequences.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-07-25:
Thanks for the publicity
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-26:
[----]LegalCollector (07/25/2004) Rate this user
Thanks for the publicity... [---] Wasn't for the purpose of publicity. I was trying to figure out how to get some control over the formatting of messages so they would be a bit more readable. No such luck.
Posted by bill on 2004-07-26:
Posted by creditwrench on 2004-07-26:
[[[---]]]bill (07/26/2004)Que? ... [[[---]]] A poco no me entiendes??? Como es possible que no me entiendes? No te creo.
Posted by Fartman on 2004-07-27:
Having to dealing with non-English speaking clerks happens to me here in New York on a DAILY BASIS. I speak passable Spanish, so I am able to communicate with most non-Enlish speakers, but there is an increasing number of non-English speakers in this country who speak only Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Greek, Russian, and various African dialects. How the hell can anyone be expected to cater to all of these foreigners and learn literally dozens of foreign languages?
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-28:
Whatever happened to pointing to something or making a signal to show what you mean? NOBODY can be expected to speak hundreds of languages so we make due. Adapt...it's the time for the survival of the fittest!
Posted by Bababooey on 2004-07-30:
PeskyKittyButt: Do you respond to EVERY message on this website? I see your stupid comments on almost every review I see here on my3cents.com!!! You really need to GET A LIFE, loser!!!
Posted by tmoff19962 on 2004-07-31:
Mi pene is MUY largo para usted bendajo.
Posted by mad on 2004-08-01:
tmoff, I see you had to another stupid azz comment to this review also.
Fartman: no one said you had to be multilingual. I teach ESL; it's the speakers of other languages who have to learn English. I have 1 year to get non-English speaking students to pass a state mandated test in English before they can graduate from high school. Then it's the teachers' butts if the students don't pass it and we're labeled as a low-performing school.
Posted by mad on 2004-08-01:
tmoff, whatever.....mijotito

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