Idaho Joes Complaint - food refund problem

Review by death on 2004-07-25
TWIN FALLS, IDAHO -- one day me and my husband went to Idaho Joes to eat lunch. I ordered the chicken alfredo. Finally, after almost a half hour, my food arived. i then started eating it when, to my surprise, i bit into something crunchy. i took it out of my mouth only to discover that it was a broken nail! i could tell this by the redish fingernail polich on the corner of it. i got one of the waiters's attention and demanded a new dich and a free one at that, plus my original money back. she refused to give me any of those things. so i raised my voice so the people sitting near to me could hear and said, " i think that the least you owe me for serving me food with a broken nail in it is my money back! i want to see your boss now!" she was stunned and got mad as she stomped off. people around me were buzzing about the incident. we left before we could talk to the boss, and before we left we saw a few people leave in a hurry from disguist.
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Posted by tmoff19962 on 2004-07-26:
You raised your voice, and made an fool out of yourself. You're lucky you wheren't charged for the extra protein .
Posted by bill on 2004-07-26:
I think its odd that you demanded to speak to the boss and then left before he/she came out.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-07-26:
Why would you want your money BACK when you just got served? Barring fast food joints, who last I checked didn't serve chicken alfredo, the bill comes AFTER the meal. Hence, why would others leave hastly if they pre-paid for their meal? Why was it necessary to raise your voice? I'm assuming the manager would have come on your request without the theatrics, and yes, why DIDN't you wait for the manager you made such a scene to talk to? Lastly, why doesn't any of this make sense?
Posted by death on 2004-07-27:
first, i didnt rasie my voice, i said it very firmly, so yeah, i'm not the fool here. second, i left before the manager came out because i didnt WANT to start yelling when i knew it would lead to that. ok i made a mistake about saying i wanted my money when i hadnt paid yet, one minor thing i forgot at that time. and also, Idaho Joes isnt a fast foos place, it's a restaraunt. they have lots of stuff like that. so yeah, MY problem not yours, you werent there. is it just me or does this place find EVERY litte thing wrong with everyone else's complaints, which makes the complaining on this site useless. who created this site anyway?
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-27:
This sounds kinda fishy. You wanted your $$ back but you hadn't paid yet? I don't think you have your facts straight, my friend. Try again. This time make it believeable.
Posted by death on 2004-07-27:
um excuse me, were you there with me and my husband? no ya werent so you have no room to talk. i already said i made that mistake when i was in the resaraunt, at least i can admit to that. the lady did kind of look at me funny when i said that. and that's why i was so angry, to cover my mistake. so try again.....almost a good insult.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-07-28:
Death, you sound a little defensive. This is an open forum. It is your prerogative to criticize an entity for the entire world to see just as it is anyone else’s right to agree, defend or comment. That's the terms you accept by posting here. They are very fair, and who runs the site is irrelevant. You wanted the replacement dish free since you bit into the nail, and the place wouldn't give it to you, so you left without paying. I agree with your position and would have done the same. Your contradictions of your original complaint are puzzling, especially the yelling part. I am wondering if it couldn't have been handled better by both parties.
Posted by death on 2004-07-28:
well, yes i am a very defensive person, and always have been when people make fun of, or insult me. and lately, i have noticed that all people do here is make fun of other people's complaints and say how stupid they are. to me, that makes them a worthless ***hole with no consideration for their feelings. i am a nice person, but when people are mean to me, i will get nasty. but thank you for being a little nicer, i really appreciate it.
Posted by racerchic83 on 2004-08-11:
so you get your feelings hurt when made fun of or insulted but you can just go around to restaurants and raise your voice to others? you should have waited for the manager to come out.. and the waitress was probably having a bad night and you are going to hurt her feelings with no concern for them whatsoever..
Posted by death on 2004-08-12:
exuse me racer, i didnt call her names or anything, so i got a little mad, it's tehir fault they have terrible service and cant cook right! and people in here are different, they have no actual reason to mean rude, i did. so yeah, back the f*ck off.

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