Beachcomber Inn & Suites Complaint - False advertisement, Poor conditions, Bad managment

Review by bug98 on 2004-07-25
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- First I want to ask, whatever happened to customer appreciation? We planned a vacation to Myrtle Beach, it was to be our fisrt vacation in over eight years.

I went through hotels online and found Beachcomber Inn & Suites, located on 1705 S. Ocean Blvd. This place was one of the most false represented places I've ever seen in my whole life.

Whoever took the few pictures on the website is a wonderful photogapher, I must say they do an excellent job of touchups. I wish I could get this guy for my photos, why I could probably do a few magazine covers.

They claimed to have been completely renovated in 2003, if this is so it has seen a whole lot of bad days in a years time. The building had cracks in it that had been painted over to dress them up a little. The carpet that was suppose to be new was so filthy that if you walked on it barefoot your feet became as black as asphalt.

Beachcomber Inn & Suites 1705 S. Ocean Blvd., claimed to have new refridgerators and microwaves, maybe so in 1994 not 2004. The fridge would only cool correctly 50% of the time and it was obvious the microwave in our room was at the least 15 years old. There was suppose to be a coffeepot in the room, well the maker was there minus the pot.

They claimed the bathrooms had been remodeled, maybe they had been if remodeling consist of a new roll of tissue and towels and soaps that said Hampton Inn, so is this place so cheap they have to use another hotels towels and soaps? Or maybe they were jacking them from the nice neighboring hotel.

Our cold water didn't work in the sink so our teeth got a nice steamy bath every time we brushed. The tub would not plug so that a bath could be taken, and let me tell you most 3 year olds aren't very fond of showers. When the hot water was turned on it would run down the wall.

There was a hole in the ceiling, of this supposedly remodeled bathroom, that had been plugged with tissue paper.

There was a side balcony for the guest directly in front of our room. It constantly held water, so if you walked on it your shoes got a good wash.

If you used the elevator to transport your luggage you had to hold your nose, it was filthy and stinky, I now feel like I know what it would feel like to ride in a dumpster.

The kiddie pools were a joke one was about the size of an sandbox the other pool was about 1/4 bigger, closer to the size of a big tub, but a grown man decided to sit in it most of the time.

All of this we could have handled, we wasn't going to complain, we were trying to make the best of it. Here is the part we couldn't handle.

This place claimed to be a family oriented establishment, which is what we were looking for. We took three children for their first vacation ever. The children were two 5 year olds and a 3 year old.

We booked two rooms in this place for four nights. Let me tell you Jerry Springer has nothing on this place.

Just a few of the unfamily like things to happen are listed....there was a couple that was directly over us that would have violent fights using language that would make a sailor blush ten times over, they would bring the argument outside so that everyone could be sure and hear, there were some young teens that wanted to experiment with sex right in front of our room on the balcony, a guy with a radio that shook the windows dropped his buddies off for a booty call around 2am with some females in the hotel then came back three or four times laying on the horn for them to come out, when they came out they finished their affection in the parking lot, another guy who appeared to be gang related, I guess was dealing drugs because he would drive up let a guy out the guy would go meet someone in the elavator and then leave.

One of the worst things is the night before check out we were kept up until 4am with all of this, so we had to leave on a 10 hour drive with 2 hours of sleep.

The night manager had to show up to settle the upstairs couple down. Once he left the guy upstairs made the statement that if the fat f***** showed back up he would get his head busted.

When the owner/manager of the Beachcomber Inn & Suites was informed of all of this the next morning he was one of the rudest people I've ever encountered.

We told him the night manager had been there and he said the wrong person had been called and therefore tough for us and that he would deal with him that night, deal with him for what??? trying to bring a little order to the place???

Well common logic tells you if you have a problem you get the manager, or at least that's what we thoght. Has it been so long since we've been on a vacation that it no longer works this way???

One of his responses was that we must have liked it. Since he was so disturbed about the night manager trying to help maybe he is the one that likes this kind of behavior.

I informed him this was no way to run a business and the reply I got from him was that was exactly how to run a business, if this is so a lot of businesses are going to end up in bad shape.

Beachcomber Inn & Suites had our money already and we were on a limited budget, so what were we to do, Beachcomber had the upper hand, and the owner sure wasn't going to refund because he said absoloutly no to just a 10% discount.

We told him we would never be back and he said that was just fine he wasn't concerned with repeat customers.

We spent right at $1,000 at this place, that's a lot of hard earned money for us, and were treated so bad that everyone was upset for the ride home.

I want to say that the owner /manager of the Beachcomber Inn & Suites, 1705 S. Ocean blvd., is a sick, disturbed, little old man if he thinks a family enjoys lude language, public sexual acts, onsite booty calls, filth, drug dealing, and a rundown establishment.

Thank you so much for letting me get this off my chest, maybe we can save someone from making the same terrible mistake we did by staying at the Beachcomber Inn & Suites 1705 S. Ocean Blvd.

signed not so much fun in the sun thanks to Beachcomber Inn & Suites,
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Posted by qtpi on 2004-07-25:
Thanks for the heads-up. Will definitely avoid it. I had the bad luck to stay in a motel one time that rented most of its room by the hour. I didn't realize that until it was too late but I'm telling you, those maids were running their cleaning carts up and down the sidewalk all night long. I was so scared and freaked out that I slept with my clothes on.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-07-26:
We stayed with Seaside Vacations in North Myrtle Beach on Main Street last year and they had to be the worst I have ever seen. They are a condo rental company. The condo was filled with bugs, the furniture was covered with dust. carpet was filthy, you get the picture. The manager, Cindy Furguson had to be the worst manager we have ever delt with. Needless to say, we have not been back to Seaside Vacations.
Posted by compwiz on 2004-07-29:
I suggest you post this to www.tripadvisor.com, which is a vacation and hotel review site.
Posted by stingray on 2004-11-12:
I stayed at the Beachcomber Inn $ Suites for the first time in 2002. I really enjoyed my stay. The hotel may be an older hotel but I thought that it had been well maintained. I have been back to the Beachcomber for my last 2 trips and the staff and management have always made me feel right at home. I have referred several people to this place and they have all been happy with it. My opinion for the price its a great deal. I will continue to stay there in the future. Stingray

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