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Review by coco's say on 2009-10-17
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The only thing I can say about this firm is that Legal Helpers helped them selves to 450.00 of my money, after a no fee consultation I dedided that my last resort was to file chapter 13, after credit cards raising intrest rates I felt I was drownding in this debt. 2 weeks after this bad decision I called to cancel and had made up my mind to make this right and pay down this debt. Legal helpers waited exactly their 45 days to send a letter of fee's which amounted to 6, 2 minute phone calls and 1 cancellation fax charge 450.00 how convienent! and what a rip off, oh and by the way, if I dispute their fee's I can file a complaint, yeah right. They got my money and I got screwed, I expected the non refundable 100.00 and maybe 50.00 for processing but the phone calls???? come on, they were to find out where my money was and for them to call me to "MAKE SURE " I knew what I was doing in cancelling my contract with them. Oh Pleeeeze!
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Posted by Kittyclaw on 2009-10-17:
Let me get this straight. You had no idea that Lawyers were rip-offs to begin with ?!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Great answer, Kitty.
Posted by shayen on 2009-10-17:
Are you sure that is all the work they did? They didn't do any work on your bankruptcy petition during that time? I paid $1600 to file chapter 7. Three weeks later I wasn't sure if I wanted to file. The attorney said he had already completed the paperwork, so the $1600 could be returned, minus $500 for his work already completed. BTW: as a paralegal, I can assure everyone that not all attorneys are crooks, that is just a stereotype. I know attorneys right now, working for non-profits, making only peanuts because they take on pro bono cases and dedicate their lives to helping the poor.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
I vote with Kitty. Shameless.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
I don't believe I am reading this. You don;t think the lawyer should get paid for the work he did at your request? That is why they get paid UP FRONT.

You get paid for your work don't you? Let's say you work at Walmart, and you are asked to stock shelves for $500. Then when you get done, they decide they don;'t need the shelves stocked after all and don't want to pay you....

I bet that crap wouldn't fly.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
Lady have you had a lawyer work for you? They work for themselves, period.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
Actually, yes. Twice in fact. Once for a divorce years ago, and another for bankruptcy, also years ago. Both times, my attorney was PAID for work he did. I am divorced from my first husband and have no debt from that period. I would say he worked very hard for me.
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-01-17:
Lady you were fortunate.
I think their bad reputation is very well earned and most lawyer jokes are true.
One comes to mind where a son who is a lawyer goes to his father a lawyer and says "Dad guess what I settled that case you gave me."
"What says the dad? Settled? That was supposed to be an annuity gift to last a lifetime."

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