Dan's Custom Home Improvements Complaint - Don't trust Dan's Custom Home Improvements at all

Review by zimmydo on 2009-10-18
AUBURN, NEW YORK -- Dan attempted to do one job for me which I was dissatisfied, but seeing he was related to my neighbor whom recommended him, I continued to go with another job. Big mistake on my part! He said he would make the other job all better when he came back .... several times he was to come start the job and finally on the 12th of October he said he would be here to start the job I warned him this would be the last chance or I want my 15,000 back, which I gave him for a deposit, he came and broke into my house on the Friday before he was to be here grabbed a ladder that was mine, left a few windows I did not order and guess what a no show and can not get a hold of him several calls and text messages later. Now I have to get an attorney.

Mind you when he was here the first time he insulated my house and grabbed 5 rolls of my insulation to do the job he was paid to with his materials.

Company Response on 04/30/2010:
When Jimmy & Billy (James & William) hired me to do their insulation, in the middle of summer, I did all work that was contracted, they inspected the work and paid the balance (50%) AFTER THEY INSPECTED!!!!! Then in the fall they informed me they wanted an addition put on their house. We agreed on a price, I worked with an Architect and the town of Clay zonong and code department, ordered materials, and instead of being able to start on the agreed date and time put my crew and I on hold because he didn't already have the plans. I had all my tools etc. on his site but he kept dragging his feet with the architect,,,not wanting to pay for the blueprints for his dream playhouse. The Custom oversized windows came in and they were delivered to the jobsite, we were prepared to finally start work in 3 days, he called me up, his boyfriend and himself were at odds about a new male friend moving in and says "forget the addition, I can't afford to do it give me back my money I paid for your time and my materials." I informed him that his money was already spent ( the deposit) on materials already delivered, and after totalling the time spent designing the project with him and architects et.al he was in the negative. At that time we got the police involved, my insurance company involved, and the state attorney general involved. ALL 3 PROVED BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT I WAS IN THE RIGHT!!!!! NO STOLEN LADDERS OR ANY OTHER B.S., AN INSULATION JOB DONE TO HIS SPECS AND CODE SPECS, AND HE STATED I "BROKE INTO HIS GARAGE AND LEFT WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry his relationship is in shambles, and I have too many customers that know how much I care about my customers, but he was 100% WRONG!!!!! And let's face it, if I had screwed up his insulation and stolen from him,,,,,,would he come back and spend more money?????? Sorry to the people who believe this spiteful slander, call me and I'll give you up to 850 references to prove my name is clean,,,he shouldn't have gambled away the remainder of the loan.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-18:
You shot yourself in the foot intentioanlly with a loaded gun. Once you knew he couldn't do things right, you should have declined his services. I have a strict rule I follow to the letter: Friendship is friendship. Business is business.

The two do NOT mix. Ever.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-10-18:
You weren't satisfied with the first job so you hire him for a second? Where is the logic in this.
Posted by zimmydo on 2010-05-02:
and how mant lay suits does this Dan have on him for the samr thing .... well atleast 5 that I am aware of. Every lawyer I talk to knows of his SHADDY BUISNESS PRACTICES ! I knbow why he done this so him and his lover Darren could gop on a trip with out spending there own $$$
Posted by zimmydo on 2010-05-02:
And one more thing Danny , I got dated checks to prove I am right !!!!! oops did ya forgget about that !! Oh how you believe your own lies .. That why you would and still will not return my calls..... Once a thief allways a thief , just look at the court records....
Posted by zimmydo on 2010-05-02:
Your the one whom can not handle such a job, but took the money and ran like a coward!
Posted by thetruth09 on 2012-05-24:
i have known dan for quite some time and have seen first hand how he lies to people, so called "friends", even his family and children. He would not know the mean of honest work if it hit him in the face, and should never be aloud to do any type of work on anyone's home. Stay away from this guy. He is nothing but bad news, a lying, cheating, conniving, coward.

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