Review by MSMEME34 on 2009-10-22
MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- I visited Payday Pawn on 10/21/09 to attempt to sell a lawn mower and a power trimmer. Before I went to the store, I called the store to inquire if the equipment would be accepted. I inforemed the person who answered the phone that the trimmer did not have a spark plug in it. The person on the phone told me that was ok and that he had other equipment that he could take a spark plug from to ensure that it was working properly. I told him that I would be there in the evening. When I arrived at the Pawn Shop, I was greeted by a woman and a man who seemed fairly kind. They had a worker to come out to my vehicle to get the mower and the trimmer from my car. Then the guy behind the counter asked the worker if he had tested the equipment, the guy informed him that the trimmer did not have a spark plug, he looked at me and said, "No spark plug?", I said no, I informed you of this over the phone and you told me it was ok for me to bring it, he yelled at me and said, "You are a liar, get out of my store." There were other customers there so I was very embarrasssed. I asked him why would I waste my time/gas or his driving up there if I knew in advance that he would not take the trimmer without the spark plug. He yelled and screamed and tried to belittle me in front of other customers as if I was a child or less than a human being. The whole situation was totally uncalled for. I am a working single mother of two who just needed a little cash to get through until my next payday. For no apparent reason, but to give me a hard time, this person was rude and disrespectful to me. I guess he felt like I needed what his company could offer me (cash) so I was at his mercy so he could talk to me any way. On the contrary, I was able to get what I needed within minutes of leaving the store and did not have to sell my equipment, but I want others to know how I was treated by the person at this place in hopes that it does not happen to anyone else.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
Whomever told you that you didn't need the spark plug was out of line. Spark plugs come in different sizes, lengths and shapes and the wrong one can ruin a motor.
Good for you in your plight to get some cash and good luck in the future.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-10-22:
"I guess he felt like I needed what his company could offer me (cash) so I was at his mercy so he could talk to me any way. On the contrary, I was able to get what I needed within minutes of leaving the store and did not have to sell my equipment"
My mind is in the gutter on that one :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
I used to work for a pawn shop. They pretty much CAN talk to you any way they want.

In any event, whoever told you the trimmer did not have to have a spark plug told you wrong. YOU have to have it in working condition. WE did not supply gas, plus, oil etc to test your property.

We also didn't take nasty unclean stuff either. A lawn mower is one thing, a nasty dirty microwave is completely different.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
So true!
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-22:
He was out of line. When people have what they preceive to be power over you, e.g. I have the money, some get an oversized image of themselves and put others down. Don't worry about it, go somewhere else. And remember it is not personal to you, he does it to everyone. Its not a reflection on your or what you do. What a miserable life he must have with that attitude. I wish you the best in your struggles.
Posted by Starlord on 2009-10-22:
I would suggest everyone watch a few episodes of Pawn Stars. People expect to walk into a pawn shop and get maximum money for, in many cases, minimum goods. They can only sell and item for retail price, so it is impossible for them to pay retail prices for items. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that if you pay retail prices and sell for retail, you will soon be out of business.
Posted by MSMEME34 on 2009-10-23:
Thank you all for your comments...

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