Randy Merren Auto of Greenville, MI Complaint - Fed up With Dealerships

Review by saintlyone on 2009-10-26
GREENVILLE, MICHIGAN -- I first saw their advertisement for this vehicle online through Autotrader.com. I contacted them on a Monday afternoon regarding the vehicle. The pictures posted made the vehicle look like it was in very good condition and they were advertising it as having only 102,512 miles on it. I made the salesman aware that I had a trade in that I would be interesting in working out a deal with. The salesman assured me that this would be no problem and I was very careful to make him aware that I was driving from over an hour away with my mechanic (whom I was paying by the hour for). He assured me again that the vehicle was in good condition and that there would be no problem with looking at it. So that Friday after a long day of work, I get my mechanic and we drive up there to look at the vehicle. We drove for 72 minutes to get there. When we arrived and even before we had even got out of our vehicle, I knew that I did not want this ford explorer. The sides were rusted out, the running boards were rusted through and my mechanic pointed out just from looking out my window that the front tires were swayed outwards indicating bad ball joints. I did not even want to look any further, but my mechanic did. He got out, popped the hood and the engine was rusted out very badly. He climbed under the truck and reported a coolant leak, 2 bad tie rods, bad ball joints and then we looked inside further. The interior had been torn up and slashed, the dashboard was cracked and worst of all, the leather steering wheel had been word down to the original metal frame in several spots! All in all, we spent a total of 13 minutes looking at this vehicle. The salesman came out and asked if we wanted to look around. So we did. We went from one side of the lot to the other and there were a lot of badly maintained vehicles there. We did find one beautiful green blazer that was within my price range. At this point though, I refused to even consider doing business with him. My mechanic jumped into this vehicle, started it up and you could hear a loud knocking and whooshing coming from the engine. About that time the salesman came out and said that vehicle had already been sold. This despite the fact that there was no sign in the window and the keys were still in the ignition. I went over and started talking to the salesman and he told me that they do a lot of business with police auctions and so that was where some of their vehicles came from. As soon as I heard that, I thanked him for his time and we left. This was at 6:44 pm at night. I had worked all day, still had a college final test to do that night and I was in no mood to yell at anyone. Will I do business with them again? Never. They failed to disclose information to me. They failed to tell me that it would cost me more to fix up the vehicle they were trying to sell, then it would to fix the one I wanted to trade in! They failed to inform me about the police auction and they failed to show the public in their pictures what the true condition of this vehicle was.
Company Response on 10/26/2010:
First off I would like to remind everybody that we are in michigan where they salt the roads.Our dealership has been in business since 1988 we do a full inspection on vehicles over the price of $4995.00 the less expensive vehicles are usually for the fixer up kind of people and anybody looking at a 4x4 suv for 3 to 4 thousand dollars should be smart enough to know that they are going to need work and not be a cream puff.We try to describe them as well as we can but to one person some rust on a $3400.00 dollar suv is not that big of an issue.When we sell a vehicle we do not always take it off the lot until it is a 100% done deal.We will do a back up deal in case the first one does not go through.Our dealership trys to be one of the better dealerships as far as taking care of any issues with a vehicle before and after the sale but every once in a while we do get complaints and that is usually on the less expensive cars that most dealers take directly to an auction but we know people out there need these vehicles.
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Posted by Critical_level2 on 2009-10-26:
Good job on bringing your mechanic along. More people should do that when looking at used cars.

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