UggBootOnSale.Com Complaint - Beware Int'l Scammer; UggBootOnSale.com

Review by Miseon on 2009-10-26
To the potential customers of UggBootOnSale. Com,

Last month, I and four of my colleagues made a purchase of five boots from this seller and made the payment via one of my colleague’s credit card. A few weeks later, we received the order, to which we discovered that the products were not genuine Ugg boots. The package was fishy already as it contained a Chinese address. With regard to the boots, we made an order of three “Metallic Grey” boots and two “Classic Tall Chestnut.” Both products were obviously fake and were not made of genuine sheepskin like the real Ugg boots. The inside of the boots was also vastly different from the genuine Ugg boots that I possess.

From this, it was the proper course of action to request for a return/refund. However, in trying to avoid further annoyance (I was already flustered by this act of scam anyways), my colleagues who had ordered the Metallic Grey ones decided to keep the boots, while I and the other colleague who had ordered Classic Tall Chestnut opted to take the proper course of action for this matter. We requested the company for a refund of the Chestnut products that we purchased, and also told them that we would return those products to the provided shipping address. In our e-mail to this “company”, we explained of our awareness of their illegitimacy, but as long as our demand for return/refund was heeded, we stated that no legal action would be taken. We asked them to refund for the two boots first, while promising them to send back the fake boots as soon as we confirm the completion of refund. However, we were asked to send the fake boots first back to an illegitimate Chinese shipping address without any guarantee of compensation, even the shipping fee. In our latest e-mail to them, we restated our demands mentioned above and gave our ultimatum to take the necessary action in terminating their scamming business.

To this day, we have not received a response and that is why we address the potential customers of UggBootOnSale and any other online store for that matter. Regardless of their reply, we’ll continue to find the avenues to get the scammers to be caught in the hands of Int’l or Chinese law enforcement, eventually eradicating their fraudulent operation for good. DO NOT BUY FROM UGGBOOTONSALE. COM and BEWARE when using the web to purchase goods, especially expensive products and those originating from overseas.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-26:
5 boots? Who got stuck with only 1?
Posted by furnman on 2009-10-26:
I think your stuck. The person who paid with the credit card could try to dispute the charges. My wife works for a family owned shoe store who sells the real Uggs. She says every year customers come into the store only after they bought the cheap knock offs via the internet. The price of Uggs is set by Uggs, if you find someone who is selling them at a huge sicount over the internet, they are not the real thing.

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