Green Olive Complaint - Unbelievable Incident, Health Concern

Review by shoppingemail21 on 2009-10-27
NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- I ordered Chinese takeout for lunch and was extremely hungry. I had hot and sour soup and kung pao chicken. Let me just say I LOVE Chinese food Americanized versions or authentic so I'm not picky about anything when I order from Asian restaurants. When I opened the box it literally smelled like meat that sits outside for 1 day in water. I took a tiny bite and it tasted OLD. I called the restaurant and a very polite man answered I asked if I could return the food and show him what it looked and smelled like and that I was very hungry and if I could just get exchanged for hunan chicken and he said don't worry I'll take care of it. I mean I would deal if I could but this food was just not humanly consumable and I was very hungry also. When I got there the woman (owners wife) already looked angry and I'm just wondering if I should've just thrown the food away instead of exchanging it. She looks at me takes my box of food and takes it to the back and then comes back and slams my box of food on the counter and I'm just shocked like what just happened to her??? I'm a very respectful and polite person even in the worst of situations. She then OPENS the box and sticks HER finger in my food shouting Spanish words at me saying "comida comida GO EAT GO" I'm not even anywhere near Spanish decent by the way which was totally ignorant on her part. I just get totally turned off and I'm ready to just leave she can keep my money and my food that she has just put her finger in. She starts screaming at me and getting in my face and cussing at me in broken English and I'm guessing Asian cusswords too. She literally looked like she was going to physically injure me honestly I thought she was so upset she could come out with a knife. She was extremely hysterical and I'm still confused until now so is my husband as to why she blew up when I was smiling and politely trying to talk with her because I saw she didn't understand English. I walked out in front of the restaurant the owner of the clothing store next to the chinese restaurant could hear her yelling from the inside and he was just laughing and asking what happened. He also said he ordered from there 1 time and that was the last. I called the Owner again and said Sir are you currently at the restaurant right now because as you can hear in the background your employee is screaming at me do you hear her? he said to wait for him 10 minutes and he'd meet me at the restaurant. I was standing in the front of the restaurant and the Asian woman keeps comming back and forth leaving me the F bomb and other cusswords and flicking me the bird !! I don't understand the point of all that for 6 bucks worth of a meal replacement. The owner finally came and I came to know it's actually his wife who is going off on me he refunded most of my money and argued over. 20 cents difference I was like sir I really don't care you can keep the. 20 cents it's not a big deal I just won't be comming back here again and will advise friends and family about this incident. So in conclusion please be aware and don't try to get food exchanged here!
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-10-27
Posted by MacOSXpert on 2009-10-27:
You probably did something to make her mad.
Posted by Bell on 2009-10-27:
Did she speak Spanish or an Asian language? You sound confused. Also, what did you do to make her so angry?
Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-10-27:
i'm impressed that this woman can speak chinese, spanish, and english.

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