Osco Pharmacy Complaint - ignored report of safety issue

Review by Anonymous on 2004-08-01
N. KANSAS CITY-ARMOUR RD, MISSOURI -- Approx. 07/2004 I was in the Osco Pharmacy on the corner of Armour Rd. & Swift in North Kansas City, Mo. When my 5 year old son tripped over what I thought was just a rug that was in the middle of the isle. When I looked closer, I realized that the rug was there to cover up a huge hole that was in the floor where the tile had came up & part of the wood was chipped away under that. My son was not injured other than a little scratch on his knee. As we were standing there, what appeared to be a manager(his shirt was a maroon color) walked by & I stopped him (not to complain, but just to nicely inform to avoid anyone else from getting hurt). I told him, "I'm not complaining, but my son just tripped over that rug there, & it seems to be covering a hole there.- You might want to get some sort of sign or something to warn people walking through here so no one gets hurt." - I was not smart in ANY way. The response I got from him (as he continued walking & never even stopped to acknowledge the seriousness of the issue)was very smart & rude. He said, pointing to the rug, "Well, that's why the rug is there!"...... I went on back to the pharmacy area to pick up my sons prescription & I told the lady there about the hole in the floor & the thin rug covering it & she told the pharmacist.... & they both just laughed and asked who I spoke with. I told them who it was & the pharmacist said "yeah that sounds right."...... & they ALSO did nothing. THEN, when the pharmacist brought out my sons prescription, I told her that it would have to go through another insurance because I had switched Rx plans (due to my custody case I was appointed to cover the insurance for my son now) She said that they had already rang it up through the prior insurance. I asked if it would cause any problems to switch it over to the correct insurance plan. She said, irritated, "Well, no, but it will take about 10 minutes" I told her that was fine & returned to the counter in 10 minutes. When I returned she said she could not fill my sons singulair w/o Dr. auth. since it was under a new insurance plan. I (still being polite at this time) explained that my son has allergy induced asthma & that w/o that medication the drainage from his allergies would cause him to have problems with his asthma & he would be on a breathing machine for a week. She said well, there's nothing I can do now because you insisted I go all the way through the system again & change all of the insurance info." I said "yes, and you also told me that there would be no problems if I did" (at this point I'm irritated). Then she smartly says "Well... that's not our problem.".... I asked where they got there customer service training & she ignored me. Then I asked if I could just pay regular price (w/o) insurance for 2 pills until they got the o.k. from the Dr. & she said they couldn't do that. I said "uh, yes you can because I've had to have you guys do it before (this was not the first problem I'd had with them). So, she went & asked the pharmacist & came back & said "I can only give you 2 pills that way." I said "Fine, Whatever, he HAS TO HAVE THIS MEDICINE" So she went ahead & gave me those but then told me that it could be up to 2 weeks before they get the auth! So I said - "Do I need to do it? Would it be better if I just called the insurance & the Dr & set it up for you?" She said that it would be better if I did.... (Is this NOT there job????) So, I went ahead & called the Dr. & insurance Co. & had it all set up & done in less than 24 Hrs.... 2 weeks huh? Oh, & just FYI while I was in line the elderly gentleman that was in front of me had yelled at them because he had been sitting there waiting for what he said was 2 hours for his prescription & the lady behind me pointed out to me that they always messed up her orders too & that every time she came in to pick up a specific prescription, they charged her different amounts & never once was it what her co-pay was supposed to be & no one would offer her an explaination. I will NEVER go to that pharmacy again. They have a total lack of concern for their customers & try to take the lazy way out of everything!
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Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-08-02:
If you have an privately owned pharmacy in your area, I suggest using it. I've used the same little apothocary for years. The pharmacist will even deliver! He'll "loan" pills when there is an insurance or Dr. approval delay. No corporate BS. It's his business & he runs it.
Posted by compwiz on 2004-08-05:
You say this hasn't been the first time this happened to you. Why don't you just switch Pharmacies? There is one on every corner and in most supermarkets. Stop using the same one if they are giving you problems.
Posted by Phe on 2005-10-29:
I'm a pharmacy tech at a different chain. Here's the thing with prior authorizations: we as the pharmacy have no control over how quickly your doctor's office gets the paperwork into your insurance company, nor how quickly the insurance company adjudicates your claim. I will always send the information to the doctor for my patients, but I also always recommend that the patient keep in touch with the md's office throughout the process, 1) to make sure that their paperwork doesn't get lost in the shuffle, and 2) to be informed if there needs to be a change in therapy.

Very often, despite my pestering, we don't hear back ever. In that case, the patient has to pay for the meds out of pocket.
I'll agree with you that redoing an insurance claim electronically shouldn't take 10 minutes, I can usually get it done and the new label stapled to the bag, provided there's no communication issues, in less than 2 minutes.

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