Buger King Informative - No Spider Man Toys - Kids Meal Toy

Review by ZachsMom on 2004-08-02
GARDENDALE, ALABAMA -- I took my children to Burger King drive thru. They were so excited about the Spider Man toys in the kids meals that has been advertised on television.. I ordered the kids chicken tenders meal for them both. When we got home they was not a Spider Man toy in the bag. But they was a small toy of something else...My children were very disapointed and my youngest cried..I think if a Burger King runs out of the toy they advertise that they should tell them before they order a Kids Meal...But the food was fresh and hot. And the service was good.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-08-02:
Well, at least you have two less pieces of crap laying around the house or car.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-03:
So take the kid to Toys R Us, and buy them a real toy. Geez!
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-08-03:
They ran out?! You mean these promotions aren't ETERNAL? Life is...SO unfair.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-08-03:
ZachsMom, are you for real. You waste peoples time by reading this. It was probably listed as "limited time offer", which means, for you to get a life.
Posted by tmoff19962 on 2004-08-03:
"my youngest cried" don't make me vomit. Like the punk kid is going to be scarred for life.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-08-03:
Hey siffer. When you get out of diapers stop back and let us know. Until then, go spread your garbage somewhere else crybaby.
Posted by SF on 2004-08-03:
I can not beleive we are discussing a toy that comes with a meal.
Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-03:
Unfortunetly due to Spidermans popularity the toys are gone! Fast food places are given certain amounts of toys in a series (that is why you see a number issued on some of them) and when they run out-they are gone. Unfortunetly that is how it works~the fast food place has no responsibility to you to tell you anything but maybe replace the toy with a prior issued one from something that wasnt as popular~~
Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-08-03:
If they run out then they should hang a sign on the door & at the drive thru stating so. What's wrong with being straight forward? They keep the signs up that advertise something they don't have. It's false advertising! If it's no longer available, & never will be, quit promoting it at the store.
Posted by compwiz on 2004-08-05:
Burger King always runs out of toys early. Every time I order a happy meal for my daughter, there is always something else...but she doesn't seem to care
Posted by Zakk on 2004-08-08:
It appears that you lost out. Had they posted a sign indicating they were out of toys, would you have moved on? My guess is, no. That one of your children was reduced to tears is semi-understandable. That his parent has been reduced to airing that to the world is simply sad. Life is full of those big disappointments.
Posted by death on 2004-08-09:
geez, you guys really are ***hole huh?! that poor kid was happy about getting a toy he wanted and didnt get it, and you make fun of him, you need to be totured. and if a restaraunt of ANY kind guarantees or says they have something, they should keep to their word and deliver it or get more of it!! or make a new commercial that doesnt advertise toys with the meal! get the dildos out of your a**es
Posted by Zakk on 2004-08-21:
We need to be what: "totured"???? First, learn to spell....then learn to insult common sense. You'll find that life treats you better if you'll follow that simple bit of advice.
Posted by death on 2004-08-23:
zakk, you need to learn that people, as well as you, do make typos in their lives, get a clue. and then you need to learn to stay out of my business or stop reading what i write and shut up. i dont care what you think or say, so give it up. insulting is easy in this place, look you've proven that so well.
Posted by Zakk on 2004-10-18:
Death, I'll stay out of your business when you stop airing it on a public board--you moron. If you want your business to be private, then I suggest that you keep it private. Until then, go find a cause other than McDonalds to take upon yourself...please.
Posted by beantown on 2012-11-05:
anyone who advertisizes a certain item, is always at the mercy of the manufacturer. unlimited supplies simply do not exist. when did fast food establishments become retailers. go to a store that ran an ad and ran out of the advertised item Can you say "rain-check"

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