Heeltastic Stick Compliment - Heels Dry And Cracked Feet

Review by goku on 2009-11-04
I have never had my feet dry out so much and crack some time to the piont of bleeding before the past few months normally in the summer my feet get a bit rough and would just aply lotion and they'd be fine I tried that I was doing that 3-4 times a day and using a store brand version of Neosporin but that wasn't making them better just keeping them from getting worse...i got fed up with it of course and stated looking on line and I came across the Heeltastic Stick from AsSeenOnTV and I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. IT WORKS!!! I noticed a difference in the first couple days. I've had and have been using it for the past 4 days and my feet are almost back to normal and they were really bad now there are just a couple small spots that were so dried out n had cracked and became calised that I am using it on the rest of my feet are fine. the downside is I ordered this product on September 30th 2009 after 2 weeks of me checking my bank statement online and tracking my order the payment still hadn't come out of my account and my order hadn't been shipped to me so I emailed them and within a week the money had come out of my account and had been shipped I received it on October 30th 2009. 1 month after I ordered it.

I wonder if I would still be waiting for it if I hadn't emailed them. I don't know about a lot of larger store chains like target and Walmart (i think they do) but Fred Meyer carries "As Seen on TV" products unfortunately the heeltastic stick isn't available in stores yet. At least not at Fred Meyer believe me I checked cus I work there and would have got a discount lol. I hope that the Heeltastic stick is in stores soon though because I really like this product and I would definitely buy it for myself and for gifts for family and friends but one thing this product doesn't address in its info is if its safe for diabetics...i am not but my boyfriend is and when looking online a lot of these feet healing products were talking about whether or not there product could be used on diabetics...my bf is newly diagnosed less than 2 months...he is using the Heeltastic stick also but tonight is the first time he used it...

So I will see how it goes for the next couple days with him and after he talks to his doctor and I will post a comment on here on whether its been ok for him as a diabetic to use it also.
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Posted by Flexanimous Fellow on 2009-11-04:
Glad to hear it works so well. I would consult with the doctor first before your boyfriend decides to play trial & error with his health. VH
Posted by goku on 2009-11-04:
i know that's what i told him but he doesn't listen to me i think his way of thinking is i don know what im talking about cuz im not a doctor...sigh
Posted by Maggie on 2009-11-04:
Well, unless he IS a doctor, you can say the same thing about his opinion. ;-)
Thanks for the review, I'm going to look for some.

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