Appollo Casualty Insurance Company Complaint - The Insurance Company That Has Been Reported And Rated The Worst

Review by hate appollo casualty on 2009-11-04
DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- Last year of February, it was slightly snowing as usual. I was stopped at red light waiting on light turn green, all of the sudden the car was coming from opposite side slid and hit my 4 year old car that never been in accident before. The other car lost control on snow because she was going too fast and ran into my drivers side, couldn't open the door because its completely smashed. The other driver got the ticket and admitted it was her fault and I ended up going to hospital to check myself out and had therapies done for few days. Appollo casualty denies to pay, not even a cent, their excuse this time was due to weather condition........Now that' s absolutely stupidest excuse I have ever heard. Can you imagine you get smashed in and end up with medical bill when you were stopped at red light and someone come hit you and their insurance company denies to pay because of snow. I have my lawyer and he still trying to do his best. I just wanted people to be aware of this company and I am not too stressed out about this since whatever happens comes back around.
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Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-04:
As they say, there are no such things as accidents. Someone was negligent and it wasn't you. Have you tried reporting them to the Dept of Insurance? They need to do a thorough investigation and come up with a relatively reasonable answer. What they did was not reasonable.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-04:
Apollo Insurance is not your insurance company, why do you expect customer service. They do not have to talk to you, pay you, investigate the claim, or anything else of that nature. Their sole contractual obligation is to their insured - not you. Seems like they are doing a good job for their customer by not paying you. To the extent that any insurance company pays someone other than their insured, it is to save money or limit the risk to which their insured is exposed.

This is why we should carry collision insurance on our vehicles and med pay coverage. Protect yourself at all times.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-04:
It must be a whole lot different in Florida, JR. Up here they certainly do have to pay the damages caused by their insured.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-11-04:
Ken, it's not different in Florida. The guilty party's insurance company must pay. But, as in many cases elsewhere, you may have to sue them. JR is looking at it as a contract between the insurance company and their insured. He is conveniently leaving out that the insurance company also has a contract with the State of Florida to pay damages (as you stated) their insured causes.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-11-05:
Tnchuck: I am sorry if my comment seemed incomplete, but I was commenting on the factual situation the op was in. Obviously, if an insured is found liable for negligence in a civil litigation before a court, the insurance company has a duty to pay up to the limits of the policy. Until liability is established in a civil case, as I said, the insurance company has no duty to pay the injured party, to talk to them, or otherwise treat them as if they were the customer. The insurance company could just simply ignore the injured party if it chose to. Certainly insurance companies pay persons injured by their insured prior to litigation all the time. Doing so is based solely on its determination that it is cheaper to admit liability and pay the injured person, than to take the matter to court. Since the insurance company, prior to civil litigation and judgment, has no duty to the injured party, the op had no basis to complain. Its like complaining that Walmart won't let you leave the store without paying for merchandise (nonsensical).

The issuance of a traffic ticket is a criminal type action that determines whether the accused "VIOLATED THE LAW." (Guilt is a criminal concept.) The traffic ticket/traffic court hearing does not determine the negligence of the insured, the comparative negligence of the injured party, the damages, or whether the policy and/or its exclusions apply in that accident. For example, if an insured INTENTIONALLY rams your car, there would be no insurance coverage because most insurance policies exclude coverage for intentional acts. Perhaps Apollo's insurance policy provides no coverage in the event of acts of God such as snow, or that Apollo does not feel its insured was negligent but that the fault lies with the city for failing to properly salt the roads.

I amazes me where people learn that somehow the other driver's insurance company has any DUTY to pay you before liability and damages are determined in court. What do they think all these personal injury attorneys do? Their complaints are absurd. That's why drivers have to protect themselves by having collision coverage, medical payment, uninsured motorist, etc. Then YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY pays and can fight with the other driver's company for reimbursement.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
JR, I agree that the insurance company should serve their customer. Part of the service for their customer is to ensure that their customer doesn't get sued when their customer is obviously at fault such as the case with this OP.

When one purchases liability insurance one should choose a company who definitely doesn't play by your rules of, "the insurance company has no duty to pay the injured party, to talk to them, or otherwise treat them as if they were the customer" because by ignoring the claimant they are putting their client at risk for a law suit. In fact you as the customer of the liability insurance would be well served by choosing a company that did deal effectively with the one who is making a claim against you the customer.

Because, what happens when your insurance company plays hard ball is that you the customer not the insurance company gets sued because just as you said the claimant has no contractual agreement with your insurance company. So there you are feeling fat and happy because you pay your liability insurance premiums on time yet when you the customer need your insurance company to step up they instead play hard ball. You get a summons, have to take off work to go to court and then you eventually lose. Not only are YOU (not the insurance company) liable for the damages but your also (in my state) liable for the plaintiffs legal fees which I doubt your liability policy covers.

Now if your liability insurance carrier continues to play hard ball by not paying you the customer's covered liability then I with judgment in hand go after your paycheck, bank account and any other assets legally available to satisfy my judgment.

So you see it's in the best interest of the liability policy holder or the customer if you will for their insurance company to be reasonable because by doing so they're not serving the claimant they are indeed serving you, the policy holder, the customer.
Posted by Jennifer on 2009-11-05:
Absolutely correct, Stew.
Posted by hate appollo casualty on 2009-11-05:
most of you guys are here left the comments, i can tell you work for the company. shouldn't you be working instead of surfing online.
YES, the company is responsible to talk to the victim, more importantly they suppose to pay for the victims loss. that's what the collision coverage do since your customer had the full coverage. it has nothing to do with me have to get a liability or collision coverage, there is no law saying you have to get a collision coverage to recover from your loss even if it wasn't the drivers fault who was just stopped at a red light. well , you guys are unbelievably cheaters and i just know one of these days it will all come back to you.
Posted by Pepper on 2009-11-05:
ooo which company do we work for this time?

maybe i can go play on the servers. I've been practicing my linux "delete all files" skills already today!

actually that's true. one of the guys tried altering my account so to figure out why his account wouldn't work on the server and he really messed up my files. good thing it's a practice server.

had to "su" in and delete my entire account and all the files just so i could remake the account with the proper settings.

but o well. ain't worse than trying to keep a failing hard drive alive (my laptop). but after 5 reformats i've given up doing CPR on it...back to the original drive for me. ;-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
Oh good grief. contrary comments do not mean the person works for the company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
When someone is obviously at fault why can't a company do the right thing. Stew is right. Part of the insurance companies obligation is to keep their insured from being sued. If a lawyer gets involved it will end up costing the company more. If they are found liable they will have to pay attorneys fees on top of the car damage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
So let me get this straight. The driver of the car who caused the accident had insurance and the insurance won't pay to have the victim's car fixed? I hope her lawyer is successful in suing the crap out of the company. I'd take a few thousand for mental anguish, too. This is worse than an uninsured motorist. Also, why isn't the OP's insurance company going after these people? Mine sure did when I got T-boned a few years back. My car was fixed perfectly and I paid only the deductible.
Posted by hate appollo casualty on 2009-11-05:
hey sorry guys, i misunderstood some things and commented stuff i shouldn't have. once again ignore what i commented and sorry.
Posted by lll_pink on 2009-11-08:
I understand your frustration, hate appollo casualty. I worked in insurance for many years both in an agency, claims and underwriting and although it is a law to carry it on all your vehicles in most states (I think), it also often feels like a double-edged sword. Unfortunately I've been hit many times by other negligent drivers and had to work with many different insurance companies to take care of my losses and suffering. Every company is different but yes, they can choose to ignore you, even though that is not ethical. If their insured is to blaim for the incident because they were issued a citation and it is noted in the police report, they are responsible to put the injured parties back to the position they were before the incident to the extent of the policy of the at-fault party. For instance, it doesn't matter what type of insurance you have, if the girl that hit you had full coverage, they should take care of your expenses both body injury and property damage. However, if you had full coverage and she only had liability, whatever her insurance did not pay for, yours should. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Also many not-at-fault parties insurance company will take care of everything for you and contact the at-fault insured's company to take care of your problems but rarely has that happened for me. Usually I end up arguing with the other company and then hiring an attorney because they will try to get out of paying you bills, sometimes. Sometimes they'll just pay it and try to get the cheapest estimate on your car and battle with the doctors on the amount they billed. Sometimes they'll just pay it all and offer you a little pocket money for pain and suffering and it is called a "settlement" in which you will sign a contract that you cannot come back and ask for more money if you have continued medical problems or bring lawsuit against them later for more money. In the state of Arkansas, for instance, you have 3 years to bring a lawsuit against the insurance company or the actual person who hit you. I'm not sure the law in your state, but you can most likely bring a civil suit against the girl who hit you and the judge will make her pay your medical bills and maybe even all your court costs, since the police found her 100% at fault. I've never heard an insurance company completely deny payment of the any costs if their insured is declared completely at fault, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I presume it is based on state law. Try to trust your attorney, or maybe even call a couple other attorneys to ask if they want your case or can help you, but def talk to your attorney first and tell him you would really like an update on what is going on. Medical companies can harass you for payment all they want before they get paid. But your attorney should contact them and tell them litigation is in progress and you were not at fault in this situation. After that (in AR atleast) they cannot continue to harass you. Good luck
Posted by lll_pink on 2009-11-08:
I realize you are frustrated but there are lots of people out there that go through this exact same thing. This is why the government is working on enforcing laws with insurance companies. It doesn't really suprise me that with the economy, claim insurance companies are trying harder not to pay out. I'm going through the exact same thing right now and they won't call me back at all. I was sitting at a stoplight and a teenage girl dressed like a stripper driving a freaking suburban (like any teen needs to be driving a suburban) rear-ended me in my Chevy HHR. Miraculously my car is barely scratched while her bumper looks like she hit a tree but I'm suffering some whiplash. Her insurance company told me they'd pay for everything now they are saying they never said that. I almost wish I had recorded every phone call I'd ever had with them. Now they are completely ignoring all my calls and I'm trying to get my own insurance agent to handle it. If they don't pay, I'll just have to get an attorney and the insurance company will eventually offer a settlement. The attorney fees will be paid out of the pain and suffering pocket money the insurance company usually gives you. I swear these type of situations take years off my life!

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